Americanoize Gives You a DIY: How to Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Let's face it ...traditional ways of marketing such as television, radio, print magazines, and good old fashion grassroots advertising are not the most effective methods anymore. Sure they still work to a degree, but it's not where most of your consumers hang out these days.

Miami Beach, FL, November 29, 2020 --( Right now, Social Media is the Kingdom, Influencers are king and queens, and Social Media Marketing is the number 1 process for generating sales leads, increasing revenue, and growing companies today. The thing is, you must know how to master the equilibrium that consists of followers, likes, comments, engagements, views, reach, and impressions. These are all fundamental calculations, and the perfect influencer already has the keys to the kingdom.

We are living in a period of uncertainty. Many people are losing their jobs because of the economic strain that is taking place around the world. Many companies were struggling with their jobs due to brick and mortar stores' closings, print magazines, and closings in many other industries. They grew tired and frustrated because they now had limited budgets, had to make revenue quotas, or now have more responsibility and less help to consistently hit their company goals.

Because of all this going on, entrepreneurs and marketers quickly discovered the value and extreme importance of why a company has to position their products and brands online effectively. This was the only way to keep the companies they worked so hard to build from shutting down!

"So combining 10 years of experience working with celebrities, the film industry, and with placing products right on the red carpet, I've been able to develop a course where I show companies from start-ups to fortune 500, CEOs, and innovative brands how to build a global presence, increase their impact, their influence, and income all through influencer marketing. And today, I want to show you," says Alessia Moccia, founder of Americanoize "even if my company was born as an influencer marketing agency, I want to add the service DIY to help millions of entrepreneurs realize their dreams."

Working with influencers on your own has two major benefits.
It usually has one fixed cost. One of the only costs is paying the influencer themselves, and this is often negotiable with upfront payment or a percentage of sales revenue from the company on the backend. And it has little to no management costs or extra costs for additional staff. Because of their large platform and audience, you don't have to invest in several different marketing campaigns or hire tons of sales reps to prospect, be salesy, or convince people to buy your product. If they know, like, and trust the influencer, they will try whatever product or service they recommend. It's that simple! I've helped many companies save 10s to hundreds of thousands of dollars alone by enlisting influencers and reducing company costs. That's really the power behind having the right influencer that supports and endorses your company. This was really a breakthrough for so many businesses, and I believe every brand should have the opportunity and has the ability to take their company to the next level.

This is your opportunity to finally share your brand with the world, and achieve those ultimate goals for you and your company.
Andrea Angioli