The Harvard Consult Group is Launching the First Artificial Intelligence Based Business Coaching Platform-as-a-Service

The CEO and small business growth and capital raising expert James A. Jones has launched a Global Strategic Partnership with LPW, an international business coaching platform and Small Business Breakthroughs Magazine.

Boston, MA, December 03, 2020 --( “It has been an incredibly exciting and rewarding journey helping small businesses grow and raise capital since the passing of the JOBS Act. By showing capital raisers how to access the $11 Trillion Retirement Industry by allowing retail investors to use their retirement accounts to invest, the industry has grown considerably,” states James A Jones.

However, there is a natural disconnect; Self-Directed IRA Custodians providing the retirement accounts, known as “non-fiduciary Trust Companies,” are strictly forbidden to participate, market or sell the investment offerings of the capital raising companies. The result has been wasted time and efforts, little traction in client acquisition and lost opportunity for the ecosystem.

The capital raising industry has been asking for a turn-key marketing approach that can address the 5 Critical Steps required to be successful: Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, More Transactions, Higher Prices and Higher Profits. We address that by offering a Virtual On-line MBA-like course that consists of weekly videos, email templates, social media strategies, customized marketing collateral and more.

The Harvard Consult Group begins with an artificial intelligence based analysis that utilizes over 400 million data points that creates a step-by-step roadmap that guarantees they can identify a minimum $100,000 – 500,000 in less than 1 hour. The end goal, however, is to work one-on-one with each company that will result in a doubling of profits and tripling of sales in 12-24 months.

"Jim has developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small businesses in today’s capital raising marketplace,” said Karl Bryan, a Leading Global Consulting Chairman and Internet Marketing Expert. Karl continues, “His expertise in simplifying and explaining the complex strategies used by successful businesses provides incredible value.” The Harvard Consult Group will be kicking off a $500,000 Small Business Grant Campaign that will offer $5,000 grants to each qualifying company. “We show them how to create a continuous cycle of innovation and combine those innovations with proven strategies and tactics that helps them to find more leads; convert those leads into paying customers, and dramatically increase their revenue and profits, even in this recession plagued economy,” Jones concluded.

Visit to apply for the $5,000 grant, or for more information, or to get the free book “How to Find $100,000 in 45 Minutes” or their video “Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong.”
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