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Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance Training - An Unmet Need for the Graduates/Postgraduates Students from Medical, Pharmacy and Life-Sciences Disciplines

Delhi, India, December 07, 2020 --( The emergence of new coronavirus disease, called COVID-19 has once again highlighted the importance of new drug discovery and development process as a savior to the mankind. Clinical trials are the mainstay for bringing out newer, better and safe medicines to serve the mankind. The first documented evidence of clinical trial dates back to 1747 when James Lind discovered citrus fruit as a cure for scurvy. In the modern world, clinical trials are conducted in four different phases (I, II, III, and IV), where each phase is aimed at addressing a scientific question. While the initial safety of a new drug is established in Phase-I of clinical trial the later phases establishes the efficacy of the drug along with the safety.

Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other possible drug-related problems. Pharmacovigilance begins from the clinical stage and continues throughout the product life cycle of the drug, mainly divided as pharmacovigilance during pre-marketing (that is clinical phase) and post-marketing. The process of collection of safety information about a drug begins in phase-I of the clinical trial, before approval of the drug, and continues even after approval in the form of post-market safety studies which is a mandate by drug regulatory agencies around the world.

Despite of being such important topics, an unmet need of the required training and skills development exists at the level of graduates/postgraduates students from medical, pharmacy and Life-sciences disciplines. Catalyst Clinical Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading clinical research organization is pleased to announce the intake for the December batch of its specialized research training courses namely Professional Diploma in Clinical Research and Professional Certificate in Pharmacovigilance. Both the courses are skills development courses with an aim to equip the participants with the knowledge and competencies required for the clinical research and pharmacovigilance professional. Over the past 16 years more than 10000 participants across 27 countries have enrolled for the various research training courses offered by Catalyst. For further details get in touch with the Program Coordinator at
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