Fortiva’s SaaS Solution Delivers Dramatically Improved Archiving Performance to Meet the Needs of Large Enterprises

Remains lowest-priced managed email archiving solution on the market according to leading analysts.

Toronto, Canada, April 29, 2008 --( Fortiva Inc, a leading provider of on-demand email archiving, today announced dramatic performance improvements to its archiving solution that will allow up to 12-times faster processing for email. These enhancements, which include greater efficiencies in the indexing of data and the application of policies to archived messages, are an example of the many ongoing improvements Fortiva has made “behind the scenes” to meet the needs of large enterprises. Fortiva is seamlessly delivering these improvements to customers, while remaining the lowest-priced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution on the market.

“The demand for an archiving solution that leverages cloud computing is on the rise among large enterprises; in fact, in recent months, we have worked with our partners to sign multiple global accounts with well over 10,000 mailboxes,” said Eric Goodwin, CEO, Fortiva. “We have always been committed to providing the most cost-competitive solution without compromising on features or performance. Now we’re offering that same level of service to these large enterprises.”

A leading analyst report from the first quarter of 2008 on outsourced email archiving examined the benefits and capabilities of today’s hosted e-mail archiving solutions and profiled the key service providers in this market. In the report, the analyst estimates showed that Fortiva’s SaaS email archive is the lowest-priced managed offering on the market today. The report was careful to note that a low price doesn’t necessarily mean fewer features, nor does a high price necessarily mean a better product.

“We built our solution from the ground up using a SaaS-based grid architecture that is massively scalable and allows us to make constant improvements,” said Chris Tebo, CTO, Fortiva.

“As our customer base continues to grow with the addition of much larger enterprises, we’re taking advantage of greater economies of scale, which in turn lower our cost to serve. The result is a solution that offers better performance than can be achieved with on premise solutions at a lower cost and without the headaches of managing a growing storage archive on a day-to-day basis.”

Some areas where Fortiva has focused its efforts to improve performance and lower costs include:

• Provisioning On-Demand – Fortiva’s SaaS infrastructure allows the addition of small increments of storage and computing power as required. As a result, Fortiva can maintain a high utilization rate, eliminating idle capacity and reducing the need for large capital infrastructure investments.

• Improved Storage & Processing Servers – By constantly adding hardware in small increments, Fortiva can continually take advantage of new technologies offering better performance, lower costs and reduced power consumption.

• Automation of Support Processes – Fortiva is continuously improving and automating operations and support processes based on ITIL standards.

• Leveraging New Hardware for Software Upgrades – Updates to the software that take advantage of new hardware platforms have enabled 12-times faster processing for email, as well as greater efficiencies in the indexing of data and the application of policies to archived messages.

About Fortiva
Fortiva is the leading provider of on-demand email archiving solutions for Microsoft Exchange providing storage reduction, legal discovery and regulatory compliance. With a global data center presence, Fortiva delivers its enterprise-grade solutions through a strong network of strategic partnerships, including Microsoft Online Services, MessageLabs, Bell Canada, and Mercury Technologies. Fortiva is a privately-owned company, with investment from Cargill Ventures, Ventures West and McLean Watson Capital. For more information, visit

Victoria Badgley