Washland Laundromat Keeping It Clean During COVID-19

WashLand Laundromat is committed to providing their clients the cleanest possible facility for tackling their family’s essential chore of laundering clothes and household linens, especially during these unprecedented times.

Wilson, NC, December 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Hundreds of people within the Wilson community rely on WashLand Laundromat to get their clothes and linens clean each and every week. And, due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this chore has taken on even greater importance – with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly encouraging more frequent clothes washing as a key component of good hygiene during this time. The state of North Carolina and the federal government have designated laundromats as essential businesses, and WashLand Laundromat takes that responsibility very seriously.

Although keeping their customers’ clothes, as well as their facility, incredibly clean have always been a major part of their mission at WashLand Laundromat, they have adopted a number of additional measures focused on ensuring that laundry day is as safe as possible for their customers and employees.

Following the advice of health and safety experts, WashLand Laundromat has:

Increasing the frequency in which they clean high-touch surfaces – such as entry door handles, washer and dryer handles, all control buttons, laundry carts, folding tables, restrooms and more – while also following all CDC guidelines for disinfecting public facilities.

Using cleaners and disinfectants on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) list of products specifically approved for use on COVID-19.

Training their staff members in the best practices for disinfecting the laundromat.

And, of course, requiring all employees to wear gloves and protective masks, in accordance with recommendations from both the CDC and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

WashLand Laundromat is committed to providing the cleanest possible facility for tackling the essential chore of laundering clothes, especially during this COVID pandemic.
WashLand Laundromat
Bryan Hennen