FADESA Ecuador and FADESA Peru Earn First “SpecMetrix Certified’’ Facility Designations in South America

Metal container solutions leader Fadesa is the latest recipient of the “SpecMetrix Certified Facility” Award from Sensory Analytics recognizing the company’s successful transition and demonstrated commitment to the highest level of film weight quality and coating process control. Fadesa is the first metal packaging manufacturer in South America to be awarded this status.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, December 28, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Recognized metal container solutions leader FADESA has been awarded the advanced designation of a SpecMetrix Certified facility for its two plant locations in Ecuador and Peru. This award recognizes the company’s successful transition and demonstrated commitment to the highest level of film weight quality and coating process control. To earn this select classification, FADESA has completed installations of the latest SpecMetrix® In-line coating thickness measurement systems onto all plant coating lines within both of their state-of-the-art metal packaging manufacturing facilities and have completed certified training for all plant coating team members on these next-generation QA tools.

FADESA Ecuador and FADESA Peru, both companies of Grupo Vilaseca, are the first metal packaging manufacturers in South America to be awarded “SpecMetrix Certified” status. FADESA is acknowledged for their dedication over the last 60 years to innovation and coating quality excellence, which is affirmed by their commitment to the exclusive use of SpecMetrix systems for their coating measurement needs. FADESA can now assure its valued customers that they will benefit from the most advanced film weight control and coating quality systems available today. Award-winning SpecMetrix In-line systems are uniquely capable of providing instant, actionable coating thickness or film weight data for wet or dry coated flat sheets immediately following application, thereby enabling immediate process improvements.

According to Vivian Poteat, Global Sales Support Manager of SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory, “We are excited to have FADESA as a pioneer in this region and show their commitment to continuous improvement of their production processes by using the most advanced coating thickness measurement solutions available today. FADESA is a proven leader in packaging production, and we are honored to support their efforts to be globally competitive and attain the highest possible level of coating quality assurance and process control.”

Juan Carlos Procel, President of the Grupo Vilaseca Packaging Unit added, “Transforming the industry is our new purpose. We strive to constantly reinvent ourselves, generating changes that accompany the growth of our customers and inspire all in this industry to begin building a sustainable future. Our goal is to create a culture of continuous improvement by always increasing productivity, product quality, and customer satisfaction. We have invested in the high-impact SpecMetrix systems from Sensory Analytics on all of our varnishing lines to ensure proper coating application and provide our customers with reliable packaging solutions. Our success has been based on our talent and achieving operational performance with the highest efficiency and competitiveness."

About Sensory Analytics
Sensory Analytics supplies award-winning SpecMetrix® coating and layer thickness measurement systems to manufacturing and coating leaders worldwide. The company’s exclusive SpecMetrix offerings measure the absolute thickness of applied wet or dry coatings in real-time with nanometric precision during the coating process or in QA labs and R&D centers. SpecMetrix systems help global manufacturers to optimize coating usage, spray and roll process control, and the quality of their coated end-products.

FADESA is proudly one of the companies of the VILASECA Group and one of the most prestigious companies in Latin America. The company has over 60 years in the market and produces metal and plastic packaging solutions for the food, industrial, pharma, and beverage segments. FADESA operates in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia and serves more than 800 customers in 10 different countries.
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