Author Peter Stoddard Produces CD of Lewis Grizzard Humor Few Have Heard Since 1981

Many consider Lewis Grizzard to be the finest humorist America ever produced. His books and recordings are still popular 26+ years after he left us in 1994 at the tender age of 47. Called the Will Rogers or Mark Twain of the South, Lewis Grizzard is easier to relate to by virtue of his contemporary messages. In 1981 Ronald Reagan had just been elected, and the Georgia Bulldogs had just won a National Championship. Politically incorrect as always, Lewis delivers edgy stories that still resonate.

Atlanta, GA, January 03, 2021 --( At his career peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Lewis Grizzard was the highest earning journalist / humorist / public speaker in the world, netting over $500,000 per year. That is according to Jim Minter, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Editor who hired Lewis out of the University of Georgia and gave him a job so he could return from unpleasant years in Chicago - where at age 29 he was Sports Editor of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Grizzard was compared to Will Rogers and Mark Twain, each of whom have over 20 books written about them. In 2019 Peter Stoddard became the only single author to write a book about the great man, "Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg That Did Not Hunt."

In 2019 Stoddard began speaking to many of the same groups Lewis once entertained, Rotary Clubs and any group ready for some humor. In August of 2020 Stoddard came into possession of a 1981 recording few had heard. He produced that into a CD, with hilarious introductions by UGA's Loran Smith and Grizzard friend Dorsey Hill.

Lewis and Loran Smith had just published "Glory! Glory!" about the Georgia Bulldogs national championship football season. They were on the book selling speaking circuit. Lewis returned from Chicago in 1977 and only began writing general humor columns in 1978. His public speaking career was in its infancy, yet he was in very rare form that night.

Not to reveal too much, Lewis said the book "Glory! Glory!" was not to make money for Loran or him. It was for Lewis's little brother Joey, who needed an operation after a car wreck. Lewis was an only child. There was no little brother Joey, the audience knew it, and they howled with laughter at Lewis's pathetic heart rending attempt to sell books out by creating mock sympathy.

Once he became a humorist Lewis never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Even before COVID and a most unusual 2020 election year, America was tiring of political correctness. One celebrated newspaper columnist in 2012 said newspapers began to die the day Lewis Grizzard died. And he made that case to the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. In other words, he told a room full of the best columnists in the US none of them were as good as Lewis, himself included. When Lewis died Americans no longer had a reason to buy a daily paper to enjoy with their morning coffee or evening beverage.

Unlike humor recordings that have been available since Lewis was alive, this talk was to hundreds of Lewis’s close friends. All previous recordings were speeches to the general public by paid attendance.

People often ask what Lewis would say about this crazy 2020. Well, much of what he said in 1981 applies to 2020. That is what great storytelling does.

Marketplaces for the CD are still in the works. For now, producer Peter Stoddard offers to dedicate, sign and mail CDs for $22 each if by USPS 7-10 day Media Mail, $28 each if by USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail.

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