Personal Life Coaching Professional Trish Bell Unveils Quirky New “Introspection Meditation” Technique Inspired by Hollywood Cinema Storyline

“Inception” gave you the ability to explore a dream within a dream. “Introspection” gives you the ability to explore a meditation within a meditation (inside of another meditation).

Phoenix, AZ, January 03, 2021 --( Inspired by the 2010 “Inception” film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, personal life coaching professional Trish Bell recently premiered a video tutorial detailing the ins and outs of her newly developed layered meditation technique - aptly entitled “introspection meditation.” Bell’s free-spirited, fun-loving and irreverent personality quirks — as well as her deep and abiding passion for her work - are in clear evidence as she talks about this new technique, describing it with a breezy laugh as being “a meditation technique specifically designed for people who hate meditation, like me!”

According to Bell, while she wholeheartedly embraces her Type-A, perfectionistic personality tendencies and the fact that she has been blessed-slash-cursed with an overly analytical mind, she also acknowledges that it isn’t always easy for those like her to willingly adopt a traditional meditation practice, because of these very tendencies. Bell has years of experience and training in hypnosis techniques and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); because of this, she is a major proponent of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s assertion that one of the biggest benefits of meditation lies in the fact that it allows us to harness and tap into the vast well of power and potential hidden within our subconscious minds. However, realizing those benefits is impossible for people who remain stuck, unable to surmount that initial I-hate-meditation hurdle. With this in mind, Bell found herself on a mission to make meditation more accessible to those, like herself, who continued to struggle with it, and thus, introspection meditation was born.

Inspired by the “dream within a dream” concept that DiCaprio lays out in the “Inception” movie, Bell engineered the introspection meditation technique to purposefully include multiple points of focus, one layered over another, in order to distract and interrupt the unproductive thought patterns of overactive thinkers and bypass the critical factor that so often becomes a meditation stumbling block for Type-A personalities like her. However, this first video tutorial (available at is only a starting point, because according to Bell, plans are in the works to publish several more of these guided introspection meditation videos in the near future. “After all,” Bell notes, “the times we’re living in aren’t easy. We could all use a little help these days, I think, and if I can help just one person tap into their inner power by putting out these unique guided meditation videos, it’s all worth it.”
Trish Bell