Agile20Reflect Festival the Largest Free Global Agile Festival in History Starts on Jan. 31

As we all fight the lethargy and sadness of the pandemic, the Agile20Reflect Festival has galvanised worldwide engagement leading to the formations of new regional organisations to deliver the flexibility that businesses crave and the rightful recognition that workers desire which is the essence of Agile.

London, United Kingdom, January 18, 2021 --( The Agile20Reflect Festival aims to build bridges and capture the various Agile communities across the globe in a huge Community led event for the Month of February 2021 to coincide with 20 years of the Agile Manifesto. The three themes are: Past, Current and Future of Agile and the Agile Communities.

"I knew that the festival was doing something interesting when I had zoom calls with people in Peru, Nepal and Kenya all on the same day wanting to get their local agile business communities involved. At that point it all felt very special." - Scott Seivwright CEO and Trustee

Here are 9 Festival Principles:

1. A Distributed Ecosystem: This is not a conference; it’s an ecosystem having a party.
2. Free to Everyone: This is a huge free Festival of events and activities occurring in Feb 2021
3. Locally Created: Choice of activities rests with the local Agile Community Groups
4. Globally Connected Ambassadors across the globe engaging with local areas
5. Accessible and Inclusive Programme Directory
6. Community Funded
7. Volunteer Speaker Powered
8. Self navigation Build Your Own Experience
9. Long Lasting Friendships

"In my head if we got 50 events in the diary we would be creating the biggest Agile Learning event ever... we currently have 200 and growing...this is exciting! and we have done it all practically for free, everyone has been so generous with their time. We have motivated, passionate, Volunteer army." - Scott Seivwright CEO and Trustee.

Agile20Reflect Festival Ambassadors from Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Central America, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Israel, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia; all volunteering to galvanise Agile Communities and Agile Celebration Events.
Agile20Reflect Festival
Karl Smith