Encrypted Messaging App CoverMe Releases Expert Tips on How to Protect Data from Misuse

Online privacy awareness has become a growing issue for internet users. Recently, growing concerns around WhatsApp’s updated Privacy Policy seems to be pushing more and more users to alternatives that ensure data commitment and privacy protection.

San Jose, CA, January 20, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Earlier this month, WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by social networking giant Facebook, has updated its Privacy Policy. WhatsApp asked users to agree to new terms of conditions that grant the app the consent to share personal data with Facebook.

Although WhatsApp has compromised to delay enforcement of the planned privacy update following backlash from users, the sharing policy has caused a trust crisis.

According to CNET, encrypted-messaging apps Signal and Telegram are reporting massive surges in new users following tweets from tech mogul Elon Musk, who urged his audience to drop WhatsApp over its privacy policy changes.

Encrypted calling and messaging app, CoverMe, also saw downloads surge globally as WhatsApp users explore alternative messaging apps.

CoverMe is a secure chat application that uses end-to-end encryption technology to protect users’ messages and files from potential intruders.

What is different from Signal and Telegram is that CoverMe offers calls from a burner line, which means the connection cannot be tracked. Users can make encrypted voice calls with the app without any record on the phone bills. The app also includes a vault or private capsule feature for added security, allowing users to store and hide videos, photos, passwords and any files.

CoverMe’s cybersecurity experts encourage users to establish habits to use the messaging app’s encrypted features, including using an online private vault to hide sensitive information that may be used to steal identity, sending personal information with disappearing text, and making private calls from private numbers.

“CoverMe so long was praised by journalists, geeks and security experts who are well aware of risks and general insecurity of personal data in the digital world,” said Alex, Product Manager of CoverMe. “With concerns over privacy policy rapidly growing, more users are getting done with potential data misuse.”

“Noticing the importance of saving themselves from prying eyes by downloading private communication apps is the performance of widely cognitive enhancement in the digital era,” he added.

Please download CoverMe or visit CoverMe’s website (http://www.coverme.ws/en/index.html) for more information.

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