Adoption Advocates to Host Trainings on Talking to Kids About Adoption

Austin, TX, January 22, 2021 --( Adoption Advocates, a nonprofit Texas adoption agency, is excited to announce three online trainings aimed at helping adoptive parents talk to their children about their adoption.

The two-hour trainings, facilitated by adoption expert Janie Cravens, LCSW, will provide adoptive parents with insight into how kids understand adoption, and what communication skills are needed to talk with children. Discussion topics will include life books, creation stories, dealing with society’s questions/comments, talking about birth relatives, and what to do when there is little info, no info or negative info in the child’s history.

“Talking openly about adoption is so beneficial to the adopted child’s well-being,” said Cravens. “Our goal is to help parents feel more comfortable initiating these conversations and be prepared to respond in an age-appropriate way to some of the tough questions that may come up.”

Cravens has worked in the field of child welfare since 1979, focusing on adoption, infertility, birth parent concerns, child development and attachment. She was one of the pioneers of open adoption, and continues to be involved in the direct practice of this approach. In addition to teaching seminars, she consults to agencies and governments regarding child welfare policies and best practices, and serves as an expert in legal disputes.

“Talking About Adoption With Tweens” will be help on February 6 and again on March 6. “Adoption Talk: Ages 5-9” will take place on February 20. Adoptive parents that would like to learn more about the seminars or register to attend can visit
Adoption Advocates
Megan Fuller