OMTech Launches Southern California Showroom

Anaheim, CA, January 22, 2021 --( OMTech, a leading laser engraver manufacturer, announced the grand opening of its Showroom, located in Anaheim, California. At the showroom, people can walk through the doors, meet the OMTech team, and experience the power and magnitude of a laser engraver in person. In addition, the team prioritizes all health protocols to keep visitors safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re interested in browsing the showroom, reserving an appointment is as easy as ever! With open slots Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there is plenty of availability.

“With a variety of models and in-person demonstrations, visiting the showroom will give you a better feel of our machines. In addition, our personnel will gladly answer any technical or software-related questions.” - Luis M. (Machine Specialist at OMTech Laser)

Upgraded QA Manufacturing Process on OMTech Laser Engravers
In 2021, OMTech aims to put every machine through a detailed and well-analyzed Quality Assurance process during manufacturing. OMTech strives to provide quality and reliability in its products, relieving the user with any first doubts. This QA process includes a checklist to verify that all parts are correctly installed, all switches and cables are checked, software is running optimally, electrical functions are operating as intended, and more. In addition, this checklist is provided with the machine for your own self-review.

Growing Laser Engraving Community
Since the launch, OMTech has experienced tremendous growth with new OMTech users, brand awareness online, and user engagement on social media. OMTech now provides U.S. based technical support, as well as training and installation to the community, easing their engraving experience with the company’s insider knowledge. OMTech has collected feedback from users as they emphasized the reliability of the machines, the on-time customer support, and the overall quality of their user experience.

OMTech is striving to continue the growth and promise into the new year, continuing efforts in manufacturing, technical support, and branding. The laser engraver company is seeking for new ways to improve on available machines and the overall experience of its users.

About OMTech
OMTech Laser
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With over 10 years of experience in the laser engraving industry, OMTech has strived to make their mark in 2020. This new stand-alone brand has quickly become a trusted name in the laser engraving community. What started as an interest in foreign lasers has evolved into a thriving business searching for their customers’ next best innovation. At OMTech, their passion for laser machines and the engraver community is their source of pride. They pride themselves on bringing quality machines to their warehouses throughout the United States and following up with excellent U.S based customer service. They build each OMTech laser engraver to combine intuitive function with advanced capability - so their user can make magical impressions at the push of a button. If they keep the creativity coming, OMTech will continue to bend the boundaries of engraving possibilities.
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