Podcast Host Tony Babarino of the Orange County Real Estate Podcast Helps Local Dance and Skate Instruction Business Raise Money on Social Media by Livestream Video

COVID-19 impacted a dance studio and retail roller-skates owner in Irvine, CA. Tony Babarino (Real Estate Agent and Podcast Host) goes live on social media video in the Orange County Real Estate Podcast to interview business owner Nikki Marvin of Atomic Ballroom & Atomic Skate Exchange to help raise money to keep the business open, pay instructors, staff, via their GoFundMe donations. Livestream scheduled on Facebook & YouTube at orangecountyrealestatepodcast.com Jan. 23 at 11:30am.

Irvine, CA, January 23, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Tony Babarino (Real Estate Agent, Podcast Host, and Influencer) goes live on social media video in the Orange County Real Estate Podcast to interview business owner/instructor Nikki Marvin who owns two businesses: Atomic Ballroom and Atomic Skate Exchange, in Irvine, CA, helping to raise money to keep her business open, pay instructors, staff, via GoFundMe donations because COVID-19's financial impact on her business. Livestream video is scheduled on Facebook & YouTube for the Orange County Real Estate Podcast on Jan. 23 at 11:30am.

The host of Orange County Real Estate Podcast, Tony Babarino, a full-time real estate agent with Re/Max Premier Realty in Irvine, CA (Orange County) will have Nikki on his show January 23 at 11:30 am in a livestream video format on concurrently Facebook and YouTube to share with the audience the story on how Nikki and her husband Shesha are dealing with COVID-19 and keeping their instructors employed. Included will be testimony from several of their clients who share their feelings, thoughts, and hopes for their business and are looking eagerly forward to getting back into the studio to dance, socialize, and skate.

Nikki Marvin stated, “I am so honored and excited that Tony believes in our story enough to help our cause. Atomic Ballroom is home to so many dancers, students, and instructors and is a historical venue in our worldwide social dance scene. We will do absolutely everything in our power to keep the studio going and every little bit helps.”

COVID-19 created problems for many small business owners and in some cases caused many of them to lay off employees or simply close down. In the age of cell phone, computers, tablets, and social media, these distractions sometimes create trouble, but it can also be used to champion a good cause and inspire people to take positive action and help. Such is the case with Atomic Ballroom and Atomic Skate Exchange in Irvine CA.

Atomic Ballroom is the studio where many styles of dancing are taught at all levels and, in the same business center but separate studio, is Atomic Skate Exchange where clients learn to roller-skate, safety awareness, and progression in techniques are taught along with roller-skate and skateboard retail. Dancing or skating is an enjoyable, social, and participatory activity that people enjoy. Either are a great way to exercise while having fun and there is an incredible opportunity for social engagement including, but not limited to, of course, making friends, dating, and feeling better.

For business owners and their instructors, this requires money. Nikki has a GoFundMe page set up and, while effective, they still need to sustain the business a little longer until customers can come back en masse once again for lessons, showcases, and have fun.

The goal of the interview with Tony Babarino on the Orange County Real Estate Podcast is to introduce Atomic Ballroom and Atomic Skate Exchange to a larger audience and encourage people to share their GoFundMe link, donate, or both. "When I saw what Nikki posted on the Irvine Residents Connect group in Facebook about her fundraising efforts, I knew had to help. I like to see the right thing be done, as I'm sure many people do. Since I have the tools, software, knowledge and courage to speak up and speak out with video and blog posts to share valuable content, info, and interviews on all things related to homes, community, how-to, reviews, people of interest, and real estate info already, I reached out to her right way because people and community are very important to all of us in one way or another. Especially when it's local," said Tony Babarino, also a resident and business owner himself as a real estate agent in Irvine. "I believe when the public hears Nikki's story and from some of her customers, people will help. Even a little bit of a financial contribution from a lot of people adds up very fast. So my mission is to boost that awareness and I trust that video, live or play-back of the saved live video on both my Facebook and YouTube Channel, will make people aware and do what they can to help."
Tony Babarino
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