LiceDoctors Offers 10 Tips to Eradicate Head Lice in Arlington Families

LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Service makes house calls to families in the Arlington metro area and has successfully treated over 500,000 clients using a chemical-free approach. Here are 10 tips to eradicate head lice from the experts.

Arlington, VA, February 01, 2021 --( Families in the Arlington and Metro DC area are still getting head lice despite less interaction with other children during the era of COVID-19. Each year thousands of school aged children in the Arlington area contract head lice. This is likely a conservative estimate as many cases go unreported. Parents live in fear that their children will be among those diagnosed this year.

Factors Contributing to the High Incidence
Despite growing awareness of the problem, the incidence remains very high. Lice are mainly transmitted through head-to-head contact. While it is possible to contract head lice from a vector such as clothing or a piece of furniture, this is the exception.

A major factor in the persistence of lice cases is the failure of chemical treatments to eradicate active cases. These bugs have mutated as a survival mechanism rendering the treatments ineffective and are called "super lice."

What Parents Can Do
Faced with a head lice diagnosis, parents are often panicked. They know from word of mouth that drug store and prescription chemical treatments may not work. Super lice are lice that are resistant to chemical lice remedies.

LiceDoctors, the largest at-home professional lice treatment service in the US has some tips for families.

Best Lice Treatment Protocol
For parents interested in trying to treat their children on their own, LiceDoctors recommends that they take the following steps:

1. Bring a child into the brightest light available.
2. Have on hand a high-quality metal lice comb, oil, a regular comb, and paper towels.
3. Saturate the hair with oil.
4. Comb with the metal lice comb, wiping comb on paper towel.
5. Nits will be brown against the paper towel and are round on one side, pointy on the other.
6. If what you pull out is white, it will not be visible against the paper towel. Those are not nits.
7. Next wash and dry the hair.
8. Comb the the hair into two inch sections.
9. Grab a section of hair and fan it in so that you can see each strand.
10. Nits will be glued to the hair close to the scalp. Grab each nit with your fingers and slide down the strand until all signs of nits are gone.

LiceDoctors has used their expertise in successfully treating more than 500,000 clients. They stress that the key to lice treatment is the removal of all nits.

For further information or to make an appointment for a lice professional to make a house call to your home in the Arlington area including all suburbs in Northern Virginia, call LiceDoctors at 703-662-4519 or visit the web at
Wendy Beck