Families in Baltimore See Rise in Incidence of Head Lice Ahead of School Opening Expansion

Even during the turbulent times of COVID-19, when children are less social, the frequency of head lice is on the rise in Baltimore. LiceDoctors projects that the incidence will increase when schools open to more children in February,

Baltimore, MD, January 30, 2021 --(PR.com)-- While most parents are focused on protecting their family from the COVID-19 virus, the possibility of their child coming home with head lice recedes into the background. The incidence of head lice in Baltimore has risen despite the fact that many children have not been in school all day.

LiceDoctors has been treating families in the Baltimore area for head lice for many years. According to owner, Karen Sokoloff, the incidence of head lice is on the rise in the area. Discovering that your child has lice during COVID presents extra challenges to families who want to safely get rid of the lice.

Parents wonder what do I do if I find head lice in my child and I don't want to go to a salon? Some have tried and failed to treat their kids on their own. It is hard to see the tiny nits (eggs) that camouflage in the hair and that is what parents are faced with doing. How to get rid of head lice during the pandemic is a question that parents are dealing with every day. Many parents fear going into storefronts for the risk of being exposed to the coronavirus.

This are other options, according to Sokoloff. "You can try to treat your family on your own. Take your child outside where there is bright light, and look carefully through the hair. Using magnifiers will help to see the nits (eggs) which blend into the hair. Pull out whatever you see and place against a white background. Nits will look brown."

Sokoloff reports, "Super lice are very prevalent in Baltimore which means these lice do not respond to chemical lice treatment. LiceDoctors has a better solution. The company sends a technician to your home which families appreciate especially in the time of COVID. This minimizes the exposure to others that you would have in a public salon or clinic."

LiceDoctors in-home lice treatment service offers help to Baltimore area families every day of the week and weekends.

Wendy Beck