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Los Angeles, CA, February 02, 2021 --( Users of the 4Qs framework now have more choices thanks to Moqups. Consultants can now enjoy an interactive experience for themselves and their clients via Moqups. Moqups permits consultants to access many kinds of publicly available frameworks like the 4Qs and use these templates to deliver interactive experiences.

Moqups Director of Branding, Mark Battley, explains Moqups have two million users, the majority of whom are product managers, UX designers and business analysts. He anticipates the business analysts are likely to be the big winners of the 4Qs integration with Moqups.

“Teams use the frameworks as a lens to examine their business model from new perspectives. By gaining a deeper understanding of their products, practices, customers, and shared beliefs, they can apply those insights to future thinking and planning,” says Mark.

The set of 4Qs templates created for Moqups are unlike any other. They take full advantage of Moqups unique set of features. Moqups combines 4Qs template, whiteboard, buyer journeys, and wireframing. From a single, online app, consultants can deliver an entire experience to their clients.

Moqups is part of a new breed of applications moving users from old-school, powerpoint-style templates to an experience more akin to a whiteboard. This new breed of app includes GroupMap, Mural, Moqups, Slide Model, Xtensio, and Visual Paradigm.

The 4Qs decision-making framework is ideal for consultants who want to reduce friction and improve the customer experience for their clients.

Mark adds, “The 4Qs help teams investigate and interrogate their business model by drilling down on four key quadrants, bringing them into alignment, and building company-wide consensus. Moqups and the 4Qs framework share many of the same goals and beliefs: breaking down silos and reducing friction.”

The 4Qs

The 4Qs organize people and processes into four constructs or Quadrants. Although all four quadrants are distinct, each quadrant is interdependent. A decision made in one quadrant will present decisions to be made in one or more other quadrants.

Like the Business Model Canvas and SWOT Matrix, the 4Qs have no fixed starting position. The consultant chooses the ideal Quadrant to begin using the 4Qs.

Try out the 4Qs framework on Moqups. Moqups has a free plan that lets consultants test and experiment with the 4Qs framework. With the Moqups free plan consultants can invite up to 50 team members. Offer for a limited time so sign up now.
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