The EDIMAX 2021 Solution Prospect Expo is Now Online. Take a Look at Future EDIMAX Products and Solutions.

Taipei, Taiwan, February 04, 2021 --( At this time of the epidemic, many Expos around the world are closed. EDIMAX still continues to create excellent products and solutions for its customers, further creating a dedicated online Expo to showcase what is coming in the year 2021, so anyone from around the world can still explore upcoming EDIMAX products without taking risks.

Visitors can expect to find five main solutions: Surveillance Networking solution, Embedded Wireless Solution, SMB Wi-Fi Networking Solution, AiBox Air Quality Monitoring Solution and Home Networking Solution.

The highlight of the surveillance networking comes in the form of “easy setup”. Thanks to the unique ONVIF Q compliant found on all the new EDIMAX switches (GS-5424PLX, GS-5424PLC V2, GS-5216PLC, GS-5210PL), with options of 10ports, 16ports and 24ports. Users can expect quick discovery, easy setup and greater security when connecting to any other ONVIF compliant devices.

The embedded wireless solutions have always been a strong suit from EDIMAX, continuing its distinctive offerings, focusing on AIot and IIot implementations, dedicated to creating fast time-to-market, reliability and not to mention its world class certifications.

When it comes to business solutions, EDIMAX not only offers great value and robust hardware, the in-house customized EDIMAX software is what sets it apart. The renowned Office 1-2-3 series packs a punch, made for small businesses, it comes with smart auto-discovery, free network management software and DIY Wi-Fi system, which aims to reduce the hassle experienced by small businesses.

Keeping ahead of the trend, EDIMAX is one of the early adopters of Wi-Fi 6 for home networking, meaning that users are able to experience the latest and greatest speed that home Wi-Fi can offer. In conjunction with the current EDIMAX home Wi-Fi solution, users can expect a whole-home coverage without losing out on data transmission performance.

Also one of the early adopters and innovators, the EDIMAX AirBox is one of its kind. With over 15 thousand of locations plotted worldwide, the EDIMAX AirBox truly stands out to be one of the most affordable and reliable air quality sensors that users can acquire. EDIMAX not only offers hardware but also free software (Edigreen App) for users to check their surrounding air quality. The EDIMAX team works with many air quality-related expertise, organizations, technologies and solutions in order to bring the best indoor (AI-2004W) and outdoor (AI-1001W V3) AirBox experience to users, and most importantly, to change the air quality for the better.

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EDIMAX Technology is dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing smart networking solutions for homes and businesses. With 35 years of dedication and a worldwide footprint, the company provides superior solutions that combine the latest and best-fitting technology with customer needs. 20 branch offices around the world offer direct, real-time services and support to more than 300 partners across 70 countries. With ISO 9000/14000 certification and recognized by Interbrand as one of the top 35 global Taiwanese brands, the company consistently delivers advanced networking solutions and services based on its core values of Quality, Service, Innovation and Integrity (QSII). For more information, please visit or contact