Urth Agriculture Announces Multi-Million Dollar, Multi-Year Deal with India

Urth Agriculture has finalized a multi-million dollar/multi-year venture involving the Urth Nano product with one of the top companies in the Indian seed industry. The company has played a pivotal role in shaping Indian agriculture by developing and supplying quality hybrid seeds to farmers.

Urth Agriculture Announces Multi-Million Dollar, Multi-Year Deal with India
Monterey, CA, February 03, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Urth Nano is a revolutionary organic microbial fertilizer with a proven track record of success on both organic and conventional farms in multiple geographies, across multiple crop categories.

Urth Nano embraces nature’s growing systems and supports sustainable agriculture that is in true harmony with the environment.

Conventional or organic, large and small farms that use Urth Nano experience the following benefits:

- Significant increases in production.
- Increased quality of production / Higher crop nutrient density.
- Reduced predatory pest pressure.
- Reduced water usage and toxic runoff.
- Restored depleted soil / Reduced compaction.
- Improved bio-availability of other applied agricultural products - whether natural, synthetic or organic.

Urth Nano embodies a new genre of agricultural products that will feed the world while supporting and improving the environment.

"The Urth team is excited to work with farms large and small to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural output in India while simultaneously delivering meaningful environmental benefits." – Lewis W. Douglas III (Urth CEO)
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