MiniVox Lite — 3 Pounds of Clear Sound

Lightweight Portable PA system designed for tour guides, disaster preparedness, crowd control and community events.

Torrance, CA, April 30, 2008 --( Anchor Audio has introduced a new portable public address system which delivers high quality sound in a lightweight, easy to carry package. The MiniVox Lite weighs in at 3 pounds, yet delivers a powerful 109dB of sound which will project clear, intelligible speech to audiences up to 100 people.

The MiniVox Lite is packaged in an attractive and durable soft enclosure which is designed to be worn on the shoulder while in use. Anchor Audio developed this package in cooperation with tour guides, cheerleaders, police officers, military personnel and school supervisors who need to communicate clearly through a hand-held PA system. The MiniVox Lite replaces outdated bullhorns which are both heavy and difficult to understand.

In addition to a wired handheld or hands-free microphone, the MiniVox Lite offers an optional wireless microphone with 16 UHF channels and a range of 250 feet. The wireless microphone options include a traditional handheld model and a hands-free model in which a headband, collar or lapel microphone is plugged into a wireless beltpack transmitter.

MiniVox Lite can be operated on rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries or AC power. The rechargeable batteries can be charged directly without removing the batteries from the unit. The total weight of 3 pounds includes the batteries.

Another unique feature of the MiniVox Lite is a “Mic Boost” button which provides additional power in the vocal range when the user is in a high noise environment such as football fields, on the deck of an aircraft carrier, or in emergency settings.

Many educators are already reporting that it is the most powerful and convenient ‘little PA system’ on the market. Cheerleaders enjoy the many color options and custom embroidered logos that are offered. Band directors and coaches like its wireless microphone. Tour guides and auctioneers appreciate the convenient shoulder strap, the battery operation and wired microphone options.

For more information about the MiniVox Lite or any other portable sound system, intercom system or lectern, contact Anchor Audio at 2565 W. 237 St., Torrance CA 90505, Tel: (310) 784 2300, or visit

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Robert Foulger