LiceDoctors to Boca Raton Parents: Chlorine Will Not Kill Head Lice

LiceDoctors advises parents not to rely on chlorine in swimming pools to get rid of head lice. According to Wendy Beck, owner, the lice treatment service receives many calls from parents asking if they can rely on chlorinated pools to eradicate head lice.

Boca Raton, FL, February 09, 2021 --( LiceDoctors has been treating families in Boca Raton for years and often times they receive phone calls from parents wondering how to intervene to eradicate head lice. One such parent from Boca Raton asked, "What do I do to get rid of head lice before my kids give it to someone else? My friend has a pool and I am wondering, does chlorine kill lice?" Conversely, parents ask, "can you really get lice from a swimming pool?"

It is perfectly understandable that parents would be looking for ways to get rid of head lice and also be concerned about their kids giving or getting lice. LiceDoctors owner, Wendy Beck, emphasizes that chlorine will not kill head lice. "We advise parents not to rely on chlorine to kill lice. Chlorine is a chemical and lice will not die when exposed to it. Also, lice can hold their breath for at least 8 hours so you can not drown lice in a swimming pool. In addition, to get rid of a case of lice you need to eliminate the eggs and chlorine does not penetrate the hard shell of the eggs."

Beck goes on to say that on the flip side, LiceDoctors receives calls asking if you can get lice from a swimming pool. She says the answer to that question is that you will not get lice from a swimming pool. "Lice can not swim so they will not be waiting in the pool for an unsuspecting person to come in."

Head-to-head contact is by far the most common way that lice are transferred. Kids who are in head to head contact with each other, whether in a pool, on a playground, or playing video games will transfer lice if they are infected.

What is a parent to do to prevent the spread of lice? Beck suggests, "When your child is having a play date, it is a wise to apply either a lice repellent or hairspray, gel or mousse to the hair in order to put a protective layer over the hair. This will help to deter lice from affixing to hair. If a child is coming to visit your child, and you know that there is a lice outbreak in your child’s grade, it is reasonable for you to check the child when he or she arrives at your house. If that is not feasible, then check your child immediately following the date. To do so, check the child using a bright light, either a lamp or natural day light. Please keep in mind, though, that swimming is not a likely way to spread lice nor is it a way to kill head lice."

If you discover that your child has a lice infestation, LiceDoctors has an in-home, professional lice treatment service that gets rid of the lice and the accompanying stress. The company has treated over 500,000 clients, safely and effectively. LiceDoctors can be reached day or night and they make house calls in Boca Raton and all surrounding areas. LiceDoctors can be reached at 772-879-5671 or at
Wendy Beck