Adoptions From The Heart Launches New Programs for Expecting and Birth Parent Support

Adoptions From The Heart creates new programs to provide holistic support to birth parents.

Wynnewood, PA, February 12, 2021 --( Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH), a nonprofit open adoption agency, now offers two programs dedicated to expecting and birth parent support: Expectant Parent Pre-Placement Services and Birth Parent Post-Placement Services.

The services are designed to provide support to women before, during, and after placing their child for adoption. The mission of the programs will be carried out through Needs Assessments. During an intake, social workers gather information about a mother’s essential, medical, and transportation needs, as well as mental health and career goals. Based on the assessment, AFTH will provide resources to assist with the mother’s overall well-being.

Parents in need can request a donation from the Expecting and Birth Parent Support Fund to cover expenses such as groceries, clothing, and utilities. Interested birth mothers will be connected to therapists to process the adoption and participate in free therapeutic workshops held by licensed social workers.

Post-Placement Services offer four key resources: opportunities for outreach and advocacy, birth parent support groups, mentorship programs, and new seasons of AFTHtv and A Heart-to-Heart Podcast. The agency’s advocacy and mentorship programs enable birth parents to stay involved in the adoption community. Birth parents will be able to break the stigmas associated with adoption by having their voices amplified. Support groups will provide parents with a safe space to express their emotions and seek healing. Content such as AFTHtv and A Heart-to-Heart Podcast not only educates others about the adoption community but enables birth parents to become educators as guest speakers in episodes.

Adoption Counselor and AFTHtv host, Amanda Aliberti, will add Post-Placement Services Manager to her list of titles. Amanda brings over eight years of knowledge and experience to her new role. She earned a degree in Women’s Gender Studies and Sociology from American University.

Amanda and her fellow social workers discovered the need for new services after detailed conversations among themselves. Birth parents often benefit from support before, during, and after placing their child for adoption. The agency needed roles dedicated to empowering and helping women in the long term and getting them out of the situations that might have led to them placing their child.

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Adoptions From the Heart (AFTH) was founded in 1985 by Maxine Chalker, our President and CEO. Maxine, herself an adoptee, wanted to give adoption a new face by breaking down the barriers and taking some of the mystery out of the adoption process. AFTH is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide safe, loving homes for children and offer comprehensive, high-quality services to adoptive families, birth parents, and children. The agency is licensed in PA, NJ, DE, CT, VA, and NY.
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