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AquaFinesse has hired a new President. Meet Robert D. Snodgrass II. New Programs, Marketing, Product Announcement.

Cincinnati, OH, February 17, 2021 --( AquaFinesse LLC, has recently acquired new talent to their roster. Robert D. Snodgrass II, son of chemical industry veteran, Bob Snodgrass, has recently been hired as the new President of AquaFinesse, LLC. Robert will bring revived energy, operational expertise, strategic sourcing, innovative ideas and fresh focus to the company, said Senior. Robert is a graduate of the premiere business school of Indiana University - Kelley School of Business in Finance and International Studies. Robert was the former Business Development Manager of Water Treatment for Clearon Corporation in which he oversaw Trichlor, Dichlor, and numerous other known chemicals for water treatment materials across multiple industries with numerous applications in residential and commercial applications. Working alongside Special Water Europe and defining systemic internal operating processes within the U.S. Market. AquaFinesse intends to revitalize the brand like it has never been done before.

With the water chemistry industry already feeling the capacity constraints of Chlorine from the recent Hurricane that devastated Bio Lab facilities in Lake Charles and thus removing tens of millions of lbs of chlorine from the industry overnight, AquaFinesse Pool Tablets will set the new standard of that added benefit to not just provide the crystal clean water that AquaFinesse technology provides, but also be that added benefit to reduce Chlorine consumption for residential, commercial waterways.

With regards to the Spa Market, the AquaFinesse Hot Tub Water Care Solution and Kits are finally seeing traction amongst consumers and has become the premiere water treatment solution for hot tubs, swim spas and the like.

2021 Programs and new AquaFinesse initiatives are rolling out for Dealers and Distributors.

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Industry Contact for Mr. Snodgrass:

Robert D. Snodgrass II
Office: 704-740-5981

Phone: 855-474-1400
8230 Montgomery Rd #150
Cincinnati, OH 45236
AquaFinesse LLC
Robert D. Snodgrass II