Delivering Automation to High Throughput Genotyping Process

Aitken Scientific have completed software to support Tepnel Research Products and Services’ new genotyping system. A complete software solution from Aitken Scientific integrates proprietary automation devices, allowing Tepnel to offer high-throughput, cost-effective genotyping services in a GAMP compliant manner.

Thame, United Kingdom, May 01, 2008 --( Aitken Scientific has provided software development services to achieve a sophisticated hardware integration for Tepnel Research Products and Services’ new high throughput genotyping process.

The genotyping process is highly automated and uses a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to control data flow. The process uses micro-fluidic liquid dispensers, and robotic plate handling and sealing hardware from leading automation vendors. All the automation elements use bar coded microtitre plates and reagent troughs to provide full traceability.

The solution is fully GAMP compliant and works in conjunction with the LIMS to provide tracking and monitoring at every stage. The complete system also meets the requirements of FDA regulations including 21 CFR Part 11.

The process takes samples in either 96 or 384 well format, reformatting where appropriate, then creates daughter plates which are used in genotyping by the detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP’s) following a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

The automation cells read information generated by the LIMS system which allows the Aitken Scientific automation software to scan the plates and reservoirs, combining these with the LIMS information and template methods to generate run time methods in the right format for the related hardware. The software from the hardware manufacturers is used to run the methods generated under supervisory control of the automation software.

Once plates are processed, the automation cells write information for the LIMS which facilitates the tracking of the daughter plates, identification of the parent plate, the SNP added and the processes performed.

Tepnel provides a comprehensive range of laboratory testing services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research markets.

Mr Ben Matzilevich, Chief Executive Officer of Tepnel Life Sciences plc commented "The success of this process is through its ability to handle large numbers of samples and SNP’s whilst accurately delivering low volumes of reagents providing an efficient and cost effective service. Aitken Scientific worked closely with the other partners to realise the complete solution adding their expertise to the integration of the hardware into the process."

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