BluePrint Data Celebrates Safer Internet Day with Kidsnet Internet Parental Controls and Security

BluePrint Data is developing Kidsnet, an Internet Filtering app that locks children into a safe "walled garden."

Jacksonville, FL, February 24, 2021 --( BluePrint Data, the leader in high quality, OEM, integrable Internet Security is proud to support Safer Internet Day and better internet for kids with its Kidsnet® computer software product. Kidsnet locks your kids into a "walled garden" of websites that have been reviewed and marked as safe by human reviewers (not bots, AI, or automated technology). In addition, Kidsnet has all the security features that businesses use to protect networks from all kind of outsider intrusions, viruses, hacks, and ransomware making it an integrated solution for all cyber security needs.

Kidsnet acts as a protective shield between your kid’s computer and the threats from the cyber world.

Kidsnet, expected for a release this summer, is a premier parental control and Internet security solution that enables children to benefit from online content, applications, and tools without exposure to web-borne malware and viruses, social network or media distractions, or inappropriate web content. Kidsnet is compliant with several educational standards including the United States Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Kidsnet uses the BluePrint Data human reviewed website database, the world’s largest list of 100% human reviewed and categorized websites, covering 99% of the active web. By locking Kidsnet users into only websites that professional web site reviewers have designated as safe we assure, they are safe and protected. Adding to the security are the integrated tools to eliminate web-borne malware, viruses, and malicious content.

The Most Trusted Website Content Authority in the World
BluePrint Data (and by extension BluePrint Data India) specializes in providing high quality Website / URL Filtering, which makes them the most trusted Website content authority in the world. In fact, other Internet Filtering companies’ contract with BluePrint Data to complete web site / URL content reviews to improve their filter databases or when their automated technology can’t determine a website or URLs content.
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Bob Dahlstrom