Steven E. Collaborates with Dr. Patrick K. Porter for "I Am a Money Magnet"

Refresh, reboot, revitalize plus super learning in just 20 stress free minutes a day.

Laguna Beach, CA, March 03, 2021 --( "I am a money magnet" is a joint initiative Steven E. Redford, best-selling author guru and cashflow expert, and Dr. Patrick Porter, Founder of BrainTap Technologies, to enable every single person in the world to attract money, shift attention, believing in endless possibilities and thriving in every walk of life.

"I am a money magnet" is presented as a 22-minute BrainTap guided-meditation program.

Steven E. Redford says, “The universe is full of energy; the flow of energy can open the doors of opportunities and possibilities. This program will let you see the connection between your mind and money. Many of us are unable to manage our finances. It is so because on their unconscious level, they may actually be repelling money."

He further adds, “The society has programmed us to think and feel that money is the root cause of all the evil happenings. With this program, skilled mindful experts will let you know how to shift the negative thoughts about money and transformed it to positive ones and leverage the power of your subconscious mind to attract and create multiple streams of income and how to be a money magnet.”

Dr. Patrick K. Porter’s BrainTap program is not just a meditation program, but it helps brain to restore balance, so one can feel relaxed, rebooted, revitalized anytime, anywhere.

"I am a money magnet program" hits deep down into the neuro algorithm, which is the proven way to shift the mindset and utilize the power of unconscious mind and trained the conscious mind to take action accordingly, to achieve the desired goals.

Access is free and easy:

One of the users says, "I BrainTap first thing in the morning every single day. This technology has undoubtedly helped me to become the best version of myself."

By listening to “I Am A Money Magnet” audio session each day, one will experience the shift of relationship with money and give up negative thinking that is standing between who they are and who they are meant to be.

With this BrainTap brainwave technology, every positive information that one has pass through, will work for them. Each day the person awakes with upgraded thoughts, resulting in a better focus and improved relationship.

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