Meditab Revolutionizes Medical Office Management with EMO

For more than 20 years, Meditab has been pioneering advances in EHR technology. With the latest update to their core IMS EHR system, they are proud to redefine what practices expect from their EHR and introduce an entirely new suite of office management features, the Electronic Medical Office (EMO).

Sacramento, CA, March 05, 2021 --( Aiming to redefine the current standard of EHRs, Meditab - one of the country’s leading EHR providers - is proud to introduce the Electronic Medical Office (EMO). A set of next-generation office management tools, EMO enhances the capabilities of Meditab’s flagship EHR and practice management product, IMS.

Poised to evolve the way medical practices manage their daily operations, the EMO suite of features is now available to IMS clients in the Beta release of our newest update.

Spanning across seven new modules introduced to Meditab’s innovative, modular EHR design, each EMO feature targets and improves office efficiency and staff productivity:

- IMS Caller integrates a practice’s phone system with IMS for more efficient call handling and management.

- IMS Staff Scheduler eliminates staffing inefficiencies by helping build staff schedules based on past patient volumes.

- IMS TimeClock tracks staff clock-in and clock-out times, reducing staff burnout thanks to automated break reminders.

- IMS Drive is an electronic file cabinet where practices can store office or employee documents for better security and accessibility.

- IMS Medical Record Request Management consolidates all record requests and patient grievances in one screen for easier and more efficient tracking.

- IMS Guest is an EHR-integrated visitor logbook where staff can schedule and check-in non-patient visitors and contractors.

- IMS Checklist allows team members to create task reminders and other to-do lists for better task management and delegation.

IMS Build 22 and EMO will enter general release in the weeks to come, with even more office management tools already in development. These include everything from a patient queue and education system to clinic marketing features.

This release comes after Meditab revealed the EMO suite and other changes coming in the newest software build to its clients last November at its UGM 2020 conference, Meditab’s first-ever virtual summit.

In the years since EHRs first appeared on the market, practice software has developed extensively, and Meditab has been there every step of the way. Building upon its over 20-year experience in the healthcare software industry, Meditab looks to redefine what a practice software can and should offer.

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