ADAPT Pest Management of Roseville and Rocklin, CA Prepares for Bug Filled Summer

ADAPT Pest Management recommends Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, and Auburn, CA homeowners start pest control early this year, and use ongoing solutions to protect against what looks to be a busy pest season.

Roseville, CA, March 08, 2021 --( ADAPT Pest Management wants homeowners and businesses in Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, and Lincoln, California to prepare for what looks to be a pest-filled summer, according to founder and local pest control specialist Mike Delautre.

“We had an unusually warm winter and more consistent rain this past January,” said Mike, who provides pest control for residential and commercial properties across the Greater Sacramento area. “That is essentially the perfect storm for insects to breed and spread in spring and summer.”

According to Delautre, the main problem is the early bloom. Warmer winters means that local plants are more likely to bloom early, which means that insects in the area have both more food and earlier than usual. The late winter rains also mean that those early blooming plants are receiving all the nutrition they need to stay green and healthy. Because pests also thrive in places with rain, warmth, and moisture, the result is typically an environment that is great for pests, and bad for homeowners.

“There are still a lot of homeowners in the Roseville and Rocklin area that do not have a local pest control company because they haven’t had many pest problems in the past,” says Mike, “but that’s going to be a big risk this year, especially when these thriving pests need a place to hide during our hotter summers. They’re going to go indoors, which means that properties across the region have a good chance of being overrun with bugs.”

ADAPT Pest Management also advises that customers choose a pest control company that offers bi-monthly, rather than quarterly pest control. "Most pest control solutions lose their effectiveness within 8 weeks" he says, and during heavy pest seasons, that means that near the end of the quarter there are often a lot of pests able to get into homes and commercial properties.

“It’s going to be a pest filled summer,” said Mike. “The best time to prepare is now.”

About ADAPT Pest Management: ADAPT Pest Management is a pest control company in Roseville, with a heavy focus on Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Lincoln, and most of Sacramento and Placer County. He currently offers affordable Roseville pest control starting at $69 every two months for homes under 2000 square feet, and provides wildlife removal as well. Visit for more about Mike and ADAPT Pest Management.
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