AMAGI's Latest Launch Proves to be an Extraordinary Investment for Hospitals

AMAGI's Kembot, a hospital administration and communication platform, has proven to reduce errors, increase efficiencies, and even double the revenues of hospitals in the Philippines. Kembot can be accessed at

Makati, Philippines, March 09, 2021 --( Tech Company’s Medtech System Has Raised Hospitals’ Revenues by up to 100%

AMAGI has launched Kembot, a hospital administrative platform and smart chatbot designed for institutions and patients with limited access to resources and infrastructure.

Healthcare institutions, especially in developing parts of the world, have struggled to maintain quality of care and service due to the volatility of the past year. Revenues have fallen, healthcare workers have faced more stressful challenges, and patients have felt disconnected to how to best keep healthy.

Kembot is the first healthcare platform that improves efficiencies and revenues for hospitals while making communication with patients easier than ever. Designed for rural, developing areas, Kembot leverages technology from Facebook, Google, and others to make a sophisticated system that works even with poor internet connectivity and users who don’t have familiarity with complex interfaces of competitors.

Primary Features:

- Patient Communication via Facebook Messenger and Email

- AI-assisted appointment scheduling and reminders

- Telehealth consultations and online payments

- Seamless hospital communications between departments

- Easy-to-use design for administrators, practitioners, and patients

Kembot has proven to be an extraordinary investment for its initial users, as well. Kembot eliminates wasted costs due to human errors in hospital administration, and Kembot users have saved time, manual labor, and money. Hospitals that have implemented Kembot into their management have seen their revenues increase by up to 100%, even in times of a pandemic.

“Taytay Doctors Multispecialty Hospital has more than doubled our monthly income during the pandemic while allowing us to provide even better service to our patients due to the Kembot system,” proudly claims Karla La Rosa, administrator of Taytay Doctors Multispecialty Hospital.

AMAGI, a leading software company based in Makati, Philippines since 2015, focuses on building modern software that combines the best parts of humans and data.

To learn more about Kembot, visit this website:

To learn more about AMAGI, visit this website:
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