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NY Based AV Installer Chooses Vitex DisplayPort Solutions for Simplicity and Reliability

In health care environments where reliability and accuracy are key, NY based AV installer chooses Vitex DisplayPort Active Optical Cables.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, March 11, 2021 --( A NY based AV installer that provides IT design, integration, support and management services to small and mid-size organizations across the country approached Vitex for one of their projects.

The Challenge
The customer was contracted to install a scheduling display system in a busy medical office building. Medical doctors and other personnel would need to view the schedules on different monitors throughout the day. There were multiple displays for scheduling, some of them as much as 100ft away from the computer that runs the schedules.

The customer considered an interconnect option with HDMI extenders and CAT5 cables because they had experience working with them in past projects. But according to the project lead, “there was always a worry that these products would fail or not be able to provide sufficient video.”

The challenge was to provide a simple and reliable connection that would operate without interruptions.

The Solution
The customer started looking at fiber and researched options such as fiber optic extenders and Active Optical Cables. When they approached Vitex with their requirements, Vitex engineers recommended DisplayPort cables. Detachable fiber optic extenders were also considered, but they were more expensive and would be an overkill for this project. Active Optical Cables have the advantage of using a single integrated assembly of connectors and cable, much like copper cables. Using an integrated assembly makes AOC simple to install and maintain. The customer ultimately decided to go with LBV-O1TD400001, DP 1.4 AOC and Vitex quickly shipped out a couple of units for evaluation. When an installer inadvertently damaged one of the cables, Vitex shipped out a replacement immediately and helped them avoid project delays.

The Outcome
The project was completed on time to the utmost satisfaction of their customer. On Vitex DisplayPort AOCs, this was what the Project Lead had to say, “Good product, well-made, great customer service, good price point. We are very happy with it. We will definitely use them for upcoming projects.”

About Vitex
Vitex is a leader in providing high performance photonics solutions for fiber optic communications, Pro AV, and video transmission markets. Since 2003, Vitex has been working with high quality manufacturers in Asia to serve customers in North America. Vitex was founded in February 2003 and is based in New Jersey, USA.

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