Peter Lake Helps The Frontline Families Fund Reach $1,769 M Through His Song "Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated To Dr. Osterholm)"

Peter Lake Proactively Tackles the Pandemic While Honoring Healthcare Workers and First Responders That Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and Their Families

New York, NY, March 12, 2021 --( Driven by Dr. Michael Osterholm’s encouraging words promoting kindness during these difficult times, vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Pop/Rock artist Peter Lake was inspired to take action. He decided to literally use his voice and join the campaign to promote health and compassion by releasing the song “Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm).” Besides the poignant lyrical message, the song's release was also intended to raise awareness for the families of frontline workers during the pandemic, in hopes of supporting the lives of such superheroes through relief grants. 100% of the streaming royalties are targeted towards the Frontline Families Fund. To date the Frontline Families Fund has reached $1,769 M and counting.

The Frontline Families Fund was created by the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation in partnership with Dr. Michael Osterholm. Dr. Osterholm is the Regent Professor and Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota and an appointed member of President Joseph R. Biden’s coronavirus task force. He is given a dedication in the title due to his continuous support towards the project. Other partners in the fund are Scholarship America for administration of post-secondary scholarships through the fund, and The Brave of Heart Fund to collaborate in making relief grants to families. This organization provides financial support to families of frontline healthcare workers who have lost their lives to COVID-19.

"I continue to be inspired by the creativity people are showing in finding ways to respond to this pandemic through their generosity," said the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation's Jeremy Wells, senior vice president of Philanthropic Services. "Peter’s song, 'Vaccinate with Love,' is a shining example. Not only is the song catchy, but the lyrics are important for us to hear. He has found a way, through his preferred medium, to share this message of love and empathy at a time when it is so very much needed. We are grateful for his decision to not only record the song but also to share his generosity with the Frontline Families Fund.”

“Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated To Dr. Osterholm)” is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tencent Music, Deezer, Tidal and Pandora.

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About Peter Lake:
Peter Lake is an artist and singer-songwriter from New York City who revels in anonymity. He decided to stay anonymous, with a belief that people’s perception of him should not influence his message and music. He now plans to remain anonymous for the rest of his career.

Peter Lake is a perfect treasure of stunning Pop and dynamic Rock, with an indie twist to tie it all together. He believes in increasing his range by combining elements of different genres, creating a melting pot of positive aspects from all musical styles to integrate into his work. His enigmatic vocals, laced with riveting lyrics paint a solid musical experience for the soul.
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