Critica PPE Gains Agreement to Represent American Made Surface Wipes

US Manufacturer, Simpli Brand Company Signs Agreement to Help Get America Back to Work and Back to School

Miami, FL, March 28, 2021 --( Critica PPE announced an agreement to represent American manufactured, EPA approved Germicidal, Disinfecting, and Antibacterial wipes from the Simpli Brand Company of El Paso, Texas. For Critica PPE this successfully adds yet another domestic manufacturer to their impressive lineup of American PPE manufacturers.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that one of the challenges we face as we begin to relax our restrictions and begin to restart normal activities is that the lingering artifacts of COVID-19 are still in our everyday environments and remain on surfaces. As Matt Lowe, CEO of the Simpli Brand Company aptly said, “Our goal as a company is to provide effective products that have a positive impact on the health of humanity”. It’s important that we continue healthy habits as we prepare to bring back our normal day-to-day activities.”

Merle Silver, Critica PPE COO added that for them, “Being on the frontline of the struggle for essential supplies and PPE, we see ways we can safely restart our normal activities. We know that it can be done while we remain healthy and begin to get back to normal.”

According to Richard Montanez, Vice President of Sales for the Simpli Brand Company, “Every day we see news reports of increased vaccine availability and decrease in infections. This has encouraged us all to relax and begin to restart our normal lives. But we need the tools to not only get back to normal but to stay there and stay healthy.”

One of the best tools, as well as one of the simplest and the easiest solutions to use, are disinfecting, sanitizing and antibacterial surface wipes. The use of such wipes is widely recognized as an essential tool in our return to normal now and well into the future. But for Critica PPE, not just any wipe would do. They wanted the best, and the best wipes come from the Simpli Brand Company of El Paso, Texas.

The Simpli Brand Company has taken a unique approach to the development of their line of surface wipes. Simpli Wipes are EPA-approved with an assortment that meets the needs of the healthcare, commercial, retail, and foodservice industries. Mr. Silver noted, “This is something that makes the Simpli line of product stand heads-and-shoulders above the rest in the market.”

Mr. Silver went on to say, “One thing we learned through the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of establishing and maintaining a secure and resilient supply chain for our essential supplies. As one of the leading advocates for domestic PPE supply manufacturing, Critica PPE is focused on finding innovative domestic, US manufacturers of equipment and supplies to help reduce the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The addition of this quality product line to our domestically manufactured products represents a further step towards the goal of building a secure and reliable domestic US PPE supply chain for the critical needs that remain even today.”

Critica PPE is a representative for domestic manufacturers of PPE. They are focused on servicing the critical needs and stringent requirements of the health care, first responder, governmental, commercial and industrial sectors that depend upon the highest quality protective gear. To do this Critica PPE has made a commitment to build a secure and reliable domestic, US-based PPE supply chain immune from global supply chain risks and costs.

The Simpli Brand Company was formed with a strategy build on creating effective products that not only improve the health of customers but are environmentally responsible. The Simpli Germicidal, Disinfecting and Antibacterial Wipes reflect that commitment and as a testament to that, are all EPA APPROVED. Simpli Brand Company’s products are designed and formulated to meet the needs of the healthcare, food services, and retail industries as well as schools. The Simpli Brand Company is committed to inspiring healthy habits that ultimately have a positive impact on humanity.
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