Equal Business Opportunities in Recruitment: Funnelting is Changing the Industry

The Hague, Netherlands, March 31, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Netherlands, Funnelting Technologies B.V., (funnelting.com) a Dutch-based startup, reinvented the staffing industry. With two Software platforms, they are changing a 500 billion dollar industry. This to provide equal business opportunities between companies, recruiters, and jobseekers.

The staffing industry is a very traditional industry. Since the financial crash back in 2009, the playing field in this gigantic market became very small. Large staffing agencies and job-board platforms monopolies two-third of the industry, where small, often home-based recruiters, could not afford the rising advertisement prices anymore. This resulted that most of them didn’t survive. And the hiring companies paying the price.

Funnelting noticed that this industry didn’t innovate. Staffing multinationals are adding more services, but not for the benefit of hiring companies. And the major job websites are now in the candidate business by collecting resumes and selling them.

The solution Funnelting came up with benefits not only hiring companies but also helps small recruiters and jobseekers. Also, individuals who are interested in (re)starting their own recruitment agency, have now the chance to build up a small business. Hiring companies support these small recruitment agencies and simultaneously saving up to 50% on their recruitment expenses. Founder and CEO Marlon van Horck; “Knowing that we help small businesses with a very easy solution and seeing that hiring companies want to help, proofs that the old industry needs to change. It is ridiculous that companies paying tens of thousands of dollars for just one candidate.”

Providing equal business opportunities with innovative technology is new in this industry. A second platform was designed especially for recruiters, where they don’t need to use traditional job board websites to avoid the costs. And yet, have still access to a larger candidate pool than anyone else in the market. With this platform, recruiters can search more specifically for candidates with no extra costs. This ultimately results that companies receive more qualified candidates where they can build a better talent pipeline with fewer expenses.

Funnelting Technologies B.V. started its business in late 2018 and added in 2020 the recruitment platform FunnelRecruit (funnelrecruit.com) to the business.
Funnelting Technologies B.V.
Marlon van Horck