SEOCharge Released a New YouTube Case Study for 2021

Boston, MA, April 01, 2021 --( SEOCharge, the marketing company actively working in the industry, has recently released its latest study on YouTube shorts.

The study data shows that YouTube's short video feature is the quickest way to grow on the platform right now.

It also stated and proved shorts as one of the best features that creators can utilize to get more views and subscribers.

According to the SEOCharge team, they tested it out by creating a random channel that was optimized just for YouTube shorts.

One of the interesting findings was that the 30-second videos had 86% user retention time and were shared more frequently on the platform.

Abhishek Tiwari, Founder & CEO of the company, said that the experiment lasted for a whole month, and their findings are final and perfect.

Furthermore, he added that the study aimed to test the organic reach of the new YouTube feature.

The company is also working on launching some new marketing resources later this year.

As of now, users can access the full case study on their official website: (

About SEOCharge:

SEOCharge is an SEO and marketing company that helps brands and marketers to get higher rankings and more organic traffic from Google. They cover all about SEO and digital marketing.
Abhishek Tiwari