LearningEnglishFaster.com Offers a Unique Program of English Learning Methods Based on Stories

Conversational English programs and free ESL podcasts that use stories to provide the brain the context it needs to learn naturally.

San Sebastian, PR, April 02, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Learning English Faster is an English language learning program that helps individuals learn how to speak the language in a highly efficient way. Learning a new language, especially when you are an adult is never easy. Most people do not even have time to invest in it. This program uses a simplified yet effective method that allows people to learn the new language alongside their daily work.

Learning English Faster has invented a method of learning that is as natural as the way that children learn languages. Without all the hassle of learning and memorizing grammar and vast vocabulary, this method allows individuals to learn the language through the context found in stories. Our brains are naturally wired to do this by connecting common verbal phrases and patterns to this context.

Learning English Faster offers two complete conversational courses based on famous American classics by Mark Twain. There is a Facebook group where the learners can meet and interact with others who are also learning to speak English. Additionally, the program has a free weekly podcast episode every Wednesday. In the free ESL conversational English podcast, short stories are used to help the brain learn naturally by painting a vivid picture in the mind. In intervals, learners are asked questions so that they can answer and practice their speaking ability in a way that simulates a conversation.

Learning English Faster is founded by Dr. David Raczynski, who is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Now based in Puerto Rico, he had a bad experience while learning Spanish. That incident drove him to help people who are trying to learn English in a way that actually works. This program has helped many students to learn how to speak English more efficiently. For more information, visit the website:
Learning English Faster
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