Mitey AV Uses COVID as an Opportunity to Expand in New Orleans

Interview with local New Orleans business owners Shaun and Lindsay McCarron about their journey from hosting multiple AirBnB's in the City of New Orleans', to now owning one of the premier Audio Video Equipment Rental Companies in the city.

New Orleans, LA, April 09, 2021 --( Mitey AV is bigger than it was prior to the start of the pandemic. “We knew that a lot of companies in our industry were struggling, and that a lot of the operators of these companies would be willing to a buy out if the price was reasonable. This was a win-win for both us and the company we were purchasing. It allowed us to expand our customer base, as well as our inventory, while helping a struggling operator. Instead of looking at the virus as a big negative, we found the opportunities that is had created, and before long the opportunities were far more than the short-term negative effects,” said Shaun when asked how COVID-19 affected his company. Today while sitting with the couple, it is obvious that business is strong. Their phones have not stopped ringing with sales staff from various restaurants and hotels. When asking Lindsay what the current state of the business is, she said, “Mitey AV is growing, and we could not be happier. We are aiming to be the premier Audio-Visual Equipment Rental and Production company in New Orleans.” When asked what sets them apart from some of the nationally owned and well-known AV companies that dominate such a large sector of the business, the couple says, “We do not do contracts with hotels. Contracts are unfair to the guest and the hotel. If an AV company has a contract with a hotel, they know that they are safe, and that allows them to underperform. If that companies AV technicians have poor interactions with the guest of the event, or the staff of the hotel, there are no repercussions. The AV company can not be replaced or fired. These 4 letter Audio Visual companies are gigantic machines, and customer service is not a line item. Last time I checked the largest Audio-Visual Equipment Rental company in America controlled over 70% of the market and was owned by an exceptionally large bank. We are the exact opposite of that, our goal is the return of customer service and customer satisfaction when it comes to Audio Visual Equipment Rental and services at hotels, and restaurants alike. You can find one of us at every event that we support. We make it a point to put a face to the person they have been communicating with. We make sure that everything is as discussed. Our trained onsite technicians are extremely helpful, but we make us our clients know that we are just a phone call away, and that if there are any issues, or if they require anything additional we are there for them.” Lindsay added, “This business is about people and we put everything we have into it, we do not sit in our offices all day and expect that to be enough, we are constantly meeting client, and like Shaun said, making sure our clients know that we are just a phone call away, and we will be there. There are other companies where the owner seldomly leaves home, they are on autopilot. We know that those type of companies will not be able to survive in the climate we have created. People will expect more, and they deserve more.”

After looking over the prices that Mitey AV charges they are far less expensive than most, if not all similar companies in the New Orleans area. Shaun’s comment on the topic of price was the following, "For far too long, AV Equipment Rentals have been highly overpriced, lacking real customer service, and viewed as nothing but a profit-making machine! We take customer service seriously. We are going to be the best Audio-Visual Equipment Rental Company in New Orleans."

In a city where there have been numerous AV companies that have come and gone, and now most of the market it dominated by a national company, we are looking forward to seeing how Mitey AV grows. Their vision that customer service is what drives guest and customers to come back; currently in New Orleans, there are very few companies that take that aspect of the business serious.
Mitey AV
Shaun McCarron