Green Technology Alliance (GTA) Launched in Austin, Texas to Showcase and Develop the Green Technologies of Today and Tomorrow

Objective: Accelerate the adoption cycle of green technologies by… establishing Austin as the Global Strategic Center of Innovation for the green technology sector. Green Technology Alliance Announces First Industry Agreement. Goal: Positively Affect Every Organization That Uses Information Technology.

Austin, TX, May 01, 2008 --( The official launch is scheduled for June 18th.

The first event a Green IT panel has been scheduled for June 3rd. This press release and the beta website announced here is designed to gain maximum exposure to help seed the alliance. Please register for the GTA newsletter, and forward this press release and website to help support this initiative.

What is the Green Technology Alliance?

It helps to first understand what an alliance is and what is meant by Green Technologies.

What is an Alliance?

An alliance is an agreement between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests. (Source: dictionary)

What are Green Technologies?

Green Technologies are all technologies that make up the massive information infrastructure of the world’s economy.

Information Technology.

Green Technologies are then those information technologies that are built better for our environment. Some obvious examples would be those that are more energy efficient but it is also those that are built with better processes to reduce waste or toxic by-products.

What is the mission of the Green Technology Alliance?

The specific purpose of the GTA is to accelerate the adoption of existing and emerging green technologies. This two-fold approach will accomplish four interrelated goals:

1) Showcase and develop the green technologies of today and tomorrow.

2) Create the strategies required to deploy real solutions that deliver an immediate business benefit to the companies that invest in Green technologies; such as reduced costs, improved efficiency and greater productivity.

3) Enable and accelerate the adoption of new technologies to create jobs and promote economic development in both the public and private sector.

4) Develop a reproducible business model based on the principles of a true alliance that not only supports our economy and planet but sustains it.

Achieving Their Mission by Delivering Programs of Value to All Alliance Members…

Best Practices

Educate the community as a whole, by relevant interest and need, on the existing body of knowledge around proven methodologies and best practices for implementing, developing, and commercializing green technologies. Leverage that experience to develop new and innovative processes that maximize the success of green ventures and accelerate the adoption of green solutions and strategies.

Start-up, How To Clinics and Seminars

Provide a variety of start-up clinics on launching a business in Austin, global markets available through various agencies, product development, commercialization viability analysis, marketing in the global/internet age, partner/alliance development and so on.


Host and develop a variety of events to seed and grow the green technologies industry. Examples include; Green IT forums/panels on best practices for implementing green technologies, a CIO focused one day symposium/conference highlighting best practices and methodologies for the green managed organization, CTO workshops on best practices in product development (use case scenarios etc.), Investment Community workshop/one day symposium on disruptive vs. sustaining technologies, analysis of green ventures and a business plan competition, and so on.

Four Easy Steps You Can Take To Support the Green Technology Alliance

1. Subscribe to the newsletter
2. Forward this press release and the website to your relevant contacts
3. Register for their first event
4. Email them if you would like to get involved

Working to Seed the Alliance

Like any initiative of this scope it takes time to build the partnerships and momentum to generate a self sustaining alliance that will accomplish the alliances short and long term objectives. There are several organizations that have already pledged support for alliance; however in order for this alliance to be successful many more organizations need to pledge their support.

About The Green Technology Alliance

The Green Technology Alliance mission is to build sustainable economies based on green technologies. They believe the only way to accomplish this mission is to create an alliance that provides the support, resources and venues that build and grow both existing technologies and emerging technologies in the Green IT space. Simply put: They strive to help build businesses that are green, sustainable and contribute to the economy here in Austin and beyond.

Green Technology Alliance
Michelle C. Naquin
Green Technology Alliance Mission and Program Overview

Green Technology Alliance Mission and Program Overview

The specific purpose of the GTA is to accelerate the adoption of existing and emerging green technologies.