Transafe's Corporate Social Responsibility 2021 Program Commenced Amid Business and Economy Uncertainty

Ramadhan is known worldwide as where most Muslims increase their good deeds to Allah SWT by doing more favor to the unfortunate. The difference is now the world’s economy and business are devastated by COVID-19. Transafe Dharma Persada commenced their Ramadhan CSR Program 2021.

Jakarta, Indonesia, April 16, 2021 --( This year's Ramadan is different from the previous Ramadan. The pandemic, which is entering its second year, is causing economic instability and affecting the health of businesses and companies in Indonesia.

Even though the stress on the business and economy hits every company, this year PT. Transafe Dharma Persada commences its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR 2021) program. The program consisted of 4 Agendas, namely the Distribution of Ramadhan Parcels, Visits to Orphanages, Joint breakfast / Ifthar Events with Building Tenants, and Ifthar Event with All Transafe’s Employees and Management.

This event began with the distribution of Ramadhan parcels to employees of PT. Transafe Dharma Persada at Transafe Headquarters at Wisma Pede, South Jakarta on April 12, 2021. This activity was attended by the Director of Transafe, Mr. Dony Budidarma; Country Marketing Manager Mrs. Sri Astuti; Capt. Djemy Wagiu, Operation Manager, Mrs. Ryska Nababan, Batam Branch Manager.

This year's program committee consists of Mrs. Dita Alma, Chairwoman of the Committee. Mr. Dwi Nanto (Department of Business Development), Mr. Zaenal Abidin (Department of Operations) and Mrs. Fitriana Purba (Department of Marketing). The committee at the Transafe Batam branch is Mr. Januar Prasetio (Department of Operations) and Ms. Mia Selvi (Department of Marketing).

In this activity, Mrs. Sri also intervened and worked for hand in hand with the committee and other staff distributing the contents of the parcels and supervising the distribution per parcel.

Mrs. Dita Alma, in her interview after the event, said that this program is part of the values ​​of the company. As mentioned, the current economy is uncertain and many companies are dying and even going out of business due to the effects of the pandemic. But on the other hand, Transafe is still trusted by clients and can still carry out Corporate Social Responsibility programs in 2021.

This series of events shows that this company does not just care about profits the company gets. But the gratitude for the results that have been obtained so far and want to share more. And where Transafe will share, of course, starting from the company's employees and will expand to the surrounding community.

Dita Alma also hopes that this year's program can be carried out according to schedule and will be continued with other programs in the future.

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