AIEDC Becomes a Member of the Asian Business Association of Orange County

Huntington Beach, CA, April 18, 2021 --( AIEDC will offer the Members of the Asian Business Association of Orange County, as well as to the more than 340,000 Businesses located in Orange County, California, it’s COVID-19 compliant Digitization Services with Machine Learning for the Front & Back Office - to help Small & Midsize Businesses with Onboarding to the Digital Economy.

A recent article from the New York Times highlights the problems and the pain that Small Businesses have had to go through during the pandemic.

“Small Businesses across the country have suffered from shutdowns that sometimes seem to flare up as suddenly as surges in the coronavirus itself. Restaurants, gyms, corner stores and spas have closed, some after trying to hang in there for months.

"The pain in California has been acute. Nearly 40,000 Small Businesses had closed in the state by September - more than in any other state since the pandemic began, according to a report compiled by Yelp. Half had shut permanently, according to the report.”

You can Read the Full Article by Nellie Bowles of the New York Times:

"Hurt by Lockdowns, California’s Small Businesses Push to Recall Governor"


The Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC), is an A.I. as a Service (AIaaS) Provider with a 5G - Cloud Mobile App Maker that will use Machine Learning to help small and midsize businesses create their own (IOS & Android) Mobile Apps with No-Code or Low-Code --- so they can engage and service their Customer Base, as well as provide Front & Back Office Digitization Services for SMB’s.

You can learn more about AIEDC - at NetCapital.Com - Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation.

About Asian Business Association of Orange County

The Asian Business Association of Orange County (ABAOC), was founded in 1992 - to meet the needs of the growing Asian businesses in Orange County. Its vision was to build an organization that would provide all Asian Americans the opportunity to gain access to economic advancement through networking, education and community representation.

For more than 25 years, ABAOC has been a leader in community service in the Asian and Small Business Community in Orange County.

They offer the following events.

The events physical and/or Virtual are as follows:

· Small Business Development Day
· Business Matchmaking Workshop
· ABAOC Business Convention
· Awards and Recognition Gala
· ABAOC Monthly Mixer

Since its establishment, it has successfully organized many major events, including networking mixers, procurement events, and outreach programs through the support of its members, sponsors and community affiliates. ABAOC events and programs inspire and stimulate small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow and prosper through creation of new opportunities, education, networking and community participation.
Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC)
Leonard S. Johnson