TDCX Installs Its First Operations Center for Latin America in Bogota

The services outsourcing company is looking for talent in the capital city and expects to close 2021 with 450 employees. TDCX, with operations in a dozen countries, invested about 2.5 million dollars and will offer, from Bogota, services to the markets of the United States and Latin America.

Bogota, Colombia, June 25, 2021 --( Colombia continues attracting important companies in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. One of the most recent cases is the Asian company, TDCX, which in February of this year inaugurated its first operation for Latin America in Bogota, that added to the 24 sites that the company has in cities such as Barcelona, Beijing, Shanghai, and Yokohama, among others.

TDCX, cataloged as a boutique BPO, will offer from Bogota traditional services such as customer service, sales or technical support, as well as services with a higher level of specialization such as content moderation or security and trust.

“Our intention is to grow the business in Colombia by providing services to clients in the United States, Latin America and in the local market. Probably in the future we will further grow our operating capacities in Bogota, before expanding to other cities in Colombia such as Medellin or Barranquilla, to the extent that we meet our business and growth goals," says Alberto Castañeda, Latam business development director in TDCX.

As a matter of fact, the possibility of being close to markets such as the United States and Latin America was one of the reasons that led this company from Singapore to settle in Bogota, a destination that is aimed to become a strategic hub for TDCX operations in the region.

“The decision to choose Colombia to establish its first operation in America in Bogota is a vote of confidence in our territory and a result of our nearshoring strategy with which we are promoting the relocation of operations of international companies in the country. This is the type of efficiency investment that contributes to economic reactivation, with technology transfer and job creation,” says Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Castañeda adds that, "The local talent, the maturity of the industry in the city and the country, the socioeconomic stability and the institutional support that we have received for the start of operations from Invest In Bogota and ProColombia were also decisive for the company to settle in the Colombian capital and make an investment of about 2.5 million dollars, including infrastructure and top-of-the-line computer equipment."

This investment is also an example of the type of companies that Colombia and Bogota can attract as part of their nearshoring strategy, aimed at companies that want to move their operations to destinations that are closer to the end consumer or that allow them to scale their services.

In search of talent in Bogota
As part of its arrival in Bogota, TDCX is advancing in talent selection processes for positions associated with customer service, quality control and training. A fundamental aspect in the profiles the company is looking for is bilingualism; Mainly, but not limited to, English and Portuguese, in order to enable the export of services.

"An investment like TDCX not only has a positive impact on the development of the BPO industry, but it also becomes a tool to support the economic recovery of the city by generating new jobs," highlights the Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Perez, who also adds that in 2020 alone the projects supported by the city's investment promotion agency generated nearly 5,000 direct jobs.

The goal of the Asian company is to reach the full capacity of the site by the end of the year, with which it estimates to create around 450 jobs. "After this milestone, we will expand our objectives seeking to create the business as much as possible in Colombia, to consolidate the country as a strategic hub for TDCX operations in Latin America," concludes Castañeda.
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