Printed Clothing Brand Quotemartial Begins India Operations with Its Exclusive Range of Statement Apparel

Kolkata, India, April 20, 2021 --( QuoteMartial, the first printed apparel company ever with entire focus on never-before quotes, has started its operations in India. It offers a variety of t-shirts and hoodies that are designed with quotes that are unique to the company. You can order them right from their website! While the most common statements are available on numerous online and offline stores, the firm has pledged to never use a quote/statement ever used before and come up entirely with its own lines on the apparel that it sells. It caters to both male and female audience, with relatable and innovative products for each section.

The company has been receiving extraordinary responses from the customers and enthusiasts alike owing to its unique offering. Many social media influencers have reached out to the firm for collaborations and further applications are invited.
Abhishek Upadhyay, the Co-founder of QuoteMartial stated that the garment industry is heading towards a generous boom and the youngsters of today need to be spoilt with options before they make a purchase. While the industry is next to saturated, there was hardly any player that has such as unique offering. There were many brands selling t-shirts with popular themes like Game of Thrones, FRIENDS, Sarcasm, corporate humor, etc., but most of them were copied from one site to another, with the same statement apparel available with more than one brands. With QuoteMartial, the idea is different.

At present, QuoteMartial offers t-shirts, crop tops, crop hoodies, sweatshirts, and hoodies to begin with, but the plan is to venture into various other clothing and merchandise categories in the months to come. The Covid-19 situation is damaging the economy and outdoor shopping needs to be checked. At this moment, e-commerce is the ultimate savior and the launch of QuoteMartial’s services may just be what the doctors ordered. The increasing demand for unique clothing by the millennial population is estimated to have a positive impact on market growth. The availability of e-commerce portals will only augment demand for products.

Abhishek said, “The COVID-19 situation has caused major issues for the economy. The outdoor shopping industry is starting to suffer while e-commerce is going strong. QuoteMartial was launched keeping this and the requirements of present-day youngsters in mind. It may just be what the doctor ordered."
Abhishek Upadhyay