Swan-Matic Continues to See Surge in Orders in COVID-19 Pandemic Mitigation

Swan-Matic bottle and vial cappers help customers with Covid capping requirements.

Erie, PA, April 29, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Swan-Matic, a bottle and vial capper and capping accessory manufacturer and a division of Automation Devices, Inc., has seen a drastic increase in demand for bottle capping equipment that consistently supports the COVID-19 pandemic. As pharmaceutical companies maintain their efforts to provide necessary equipment such as vaccines, COVID-19 testing kits and PPE equipment, Swan-Matic is and will continue to be an integral component to the manufacturing process.

Swan-Matic has supported pharmaceutical companies with benchtop and handheld cappers for decades. While the development and production of pharmaceuticals remains an Intricate process with many components and rigorous compliance regulations, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a monumental shift in the obligations from both consumers and suppliers. A key component on the supplier side beyond the necessity of high-quality products, is a greater demand for readiness - ease of ordering, in stock supply and prompt shipping, making Swan-Matic the leading choice for capping equipment.

Swan-Matic’s C300 electric benchtop capper is regularly chosen by pharmaceutical and medical companies because of its durable build, ease of use and clean, quiet operation.

The C900LT benchtop capper is popular among biomedical companies capping vials due to its low torque capabilities. The C900 series is manufactured to accommodate a range of bottle and vial sizes.

In addition to cappers, many pharmaceutical and biomedical companies are utilizing Swan-Matic inserts while capping COVID-19 vials and test kits. Vinyl and polyurethane are often chosen by customers in the medical arena due to their excellent wear capabilities and durability.

ADI President Kevin Smith does not see a lull in the need for capping equipment in the foreseeable future. “There will be a long term need for Swan-Matic,” explains Smith. “As the world continues the fight against COVID-19, we will see a growing requirement for vaccine boosters and viral testing equipment. Because of our reputation and longevity of serving the industry with reliable products, Swan-Matic will continue to play a pivotal role alongside the health care and pharmaceutical packaging industries,” says Smith.

Swan-Matic specializes in benchtop and handheld bottle cappers along with aluminum driver shells and renewable rubber, urethane and vinyl inserts. Swan-Matic is a division of Automation Devices Inc., a vibratory feeding manufacturer, located in Fairview, Pa. Automation Devices has been building Swan-Matic cappers since 1969. For more information on the products and services they provide, call 814-474-5561.
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