EnMobile: Revolutionizing New Media

EnMobile, a leader in mobile and social media is revolutionizing how businesses market to consumers with their new media platform.

Athens, OH, May 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- As a mobile and social communications agency, EnMobile is revolutionizing new media by integrating social and mobile marketing into one comprehensive marketing platform that enables businesses and brands to connect like never before. Growing at a rapid rate, the team at EnMobile is comprised of a young, diligent, and highly motivated group of entrepreneurs that know what it takes to reach Generation Y. Based out of Athens, Ohio, the EnMobile team is expanding weekly, introducing everyone involved to their unique corporate culture, which values individuals over dollars and cents. Overall, the unique mindset and corporate culture of EnMobile has enabled them to revolutionize new media and reach consumers like never before.

The idea of developing a social and mobile communications agency progressed over time and was based on intensive research. Capitalizing on the astronomical use of mobile devices and allure of social media, CEO and Founder Brandon Bornancin and Creative Director Jake Phillips looked at how they could improve a system that was already in place to benefit businesses and consumers. They wanted to establish an agency that was not like the rest in service, mindset, or corporate culture. In just a few short months, they built EnMobile from a team of two to a team of 30 and opened a brand new office for its expanding team. The young, motivated, and intelligent staff at EnMobile makes them experts on staying in touch with Generation Y; something marketers value in the new media era.

Merging together the benefits of mobile marketing and social media, EnMobile has embarked upon a new age of marketing that delivers personalized messages to consumers. EnMobile is the only marketing and advertising agency that takes a product or brand and divides it into smaller subsets to reach a targeted consumer. As consumers in the “new media” era, people have more choices than ever before and EnMobile wants to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. While a mass marketer may take a box of cereal and market it to every person who eats cereal, EnMobile would take that exact box and break it down into sub-categories, highlighting different features that appeal to different groups of consumers. The box of cereal that represents a low calorie breakfast for a young woman on the go could also represent a heart healthy snack for a middle-aged man.

While mobile marketing includes things such as mobile coupons, mobile contests and mobile alerts, social media involves marketing solutions like social networking sites (i.e. Facebook), blogging, and podcasts. Together, both of these marketing platforms introduce an innovative and interactive way to communicate with one’s targeted consumer base. Since EnMobile’s team is comprised of young, intelligent minds in their 20s, they are experts in these fields and can assist businesses and brands in developing a marketing platform that incorporates the latest trends.

Continuously growing, EnMobile has worked with local, regional, and national companies to assist them in integrating new media into their marketing strategies. EnMobile’s clients include companies such as Cold Stone Creamery, Glaceau Vitamin Water, and Rockstar Energy Drinks. Considering that over 200 million Americans own a cell phone and the Internet has a 71 percent penetration rate in the United States, the need for new media is growing every day. For more information about new media and how it can help businesses of all sizes, feel free to contact the team at EnMobile.

About Enmobile:

EnMobile, headquartered in Athens, Ohio is a full-service innovative strategic marketing and advertising agency specializing in creative mobile technology and platforms. Comprised of a young team of mobile innovators, the agency provides progressive mobile marketing solutions, including mobile multimedia applications and consulting services to help advertisers engage consumers, with an emphasis on Generation Y. EnMobile has offices in Athens, Ohio and Fort Myers, Florida. For more information visit www.enmobilemedia.com or call them at 1-888-523-9085.

Brandon Bornancin