EnMobile’s Mobile Marketing Strategies Release the Inner Rock Star in Rockstar Energy Drinks

Rockstar Energy Drinks use mobile marketing to increase brand awareness and appeal among members of Generation Y.

Athens, OH, May 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- As a leading mobile and social communications agency, EnMobile has just launched a mobile marketing campaign for Rockstar Energy Drinks. Hoping to increase brand awareness and target the young college demographic, Rockstar saw this partnership with EnMobile as a new innovative way to reach a niche group of consumers. With EnMobile’s young, pioneering, and creative staff, the mobile marketing solutions EnMobile provides are blowing away traditional forms of advertising and marketing.

Founded by Brandon Bornancin, EnMobile offers its customers numerous mobile marketing and social media solutions that enable businesses to flourish in the “new media” age. From social networking sites to SMS campaigns, EnMobile has the necessary tools and staff to ensure their client’s needs are met 100 percent. Offering their clients only the best, EnMobile’s mobile marketing solutions include things such as SMS messaging, mobile coupons, alerts, brochures, ringtones, wallpapers, mobile contests, and mobile websites. EnMobile is dedicated to delivering tailored results to individual businesses so their clients can stand apart from their competitors.

Upon witnessing what EnMobile is all about, Rockstar quickly decided they needed to incorporate a mobile marketing campaign into their marketing strategy. Realizing how important mobile marketing has become, Rockstar could not wait any longer to jump on board. Anyone interested in Rockstar’s latest campaign can check it out by texting “Rockstar” to “41513.” Texting in is free for everyone and supported by all major U.S. carriers.

EnMobile’s recent launch of the Rockstar SMS campaign is a great example of EnMobile’s growing success. Each day, more businesses and brands are embracing the mobile marketing phenomenon and turning to EnMobile to manage their campaign. With a young, talented, and highly motivated group of individuals, EnMobile is dedicated to delivering results to its clients, as Rockstar can now attest.

About Enmobile:

EnMobile, headquartered in Athens, Ohio is a full-service innovative strategic marketing and advertising agency specializing in creative mobile technology and platforms. Comprised of a young team of mobile innovators, the agency provides progressive mobile marketing solutions, including mobile multimedia applications and consulting services to help advertisers engage consumers, with an emphasis on Generation Y. EnMobile has offices in Athens, Ohio and Fort Myers, Florida.

Brandon Bornancin