P.O.W.E.R. - Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized Highlights Their Newest Women of Empowerment Members

P.O.W.E.R. - Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized Highlights Their Newest Women of Empowerment Members
Manhasset, NY, July 14, 2021 --(PR.com)-- P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) highlights their newest Women of Empowerment members who are being recognized for their achievements and high level of success in the many fields and industries listed.

About The Newest Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to highlight their newest Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Cassandra Ricks--Healthcare
Alice Hopkins--Cleaning Service
Alecia Rae Selden--Food/Beverages
Roxanne A. Miller--Education
Ronna A. King--Cleaning Service
Curressia D. Walton--Retail Industry
Deborah A.M. Vanek Tomeo--Financial Services
Shirley R. Englehorn--Sports
Kari L. Gibson--Tree Service
Roxane Maliszewski--Electrical/Electronic
Tisha Brandes--Insurance
Diane Rosario--Construction/Building
Anna Kostanyan--Hospitality
Linda Ward--Craft Supplies
Rachelle Johnson--Financial Services
Amy O'Hara--Education
Maxx Brown--Education
Samantha F. Bellina--Insurance
Alexandra C. Jackson--Healthcare
Patrice A. Johnson--Health Services
Kameilah L. McKie--Food/Beverages
Delcina O. Smith--Religion
Regina M. Jones--Retail Industry
Celeste Pavone--Real Estate
Jacqueline Y. Fuqua--Beauty/Cosmetics
Yvonne L. Webber--Education
Vanessa M. Williams--Beauty/Cosmetics
Melissa Slider--Retail Industry
Edania C. Rondon--Law/Legal Services
Tamakie B. Mobley--Healthcare
Charlotte S. Doyen--Automotive
Shawnsa S. Christy--Consulting
Mercedes P. Armstrong--Healthcare
Kristi L. Fakhri--Healthcare
Elizabeth Loge--Construction/Building
Carmen Hunter-Anderson--Real Estate
Laura C. Morejon-Bodelo--Law/Legal Services
Lovett M. Ojuri-Davis--Healthcare
Andreka Michelle Eberhart--Staffing/Recruiting
Donna P. Davidson--Healthcare
Christa Ward--Retail Industry
Pauline Judy Scott--Hospitality
Vanessa L. Heights--Transportation
Tiplance L. Vernon--Beauty/Cosmetics
Nicole E. Scott--Rodeo
Louvinia A. Cole--Notary Public
Tabitha S. Taylor-Boone--Mental Health Care
Consandia Ann Grier--Home Healthcare
Terrell L. Wright Jr.--Beauty/Cosmetics
Nancy L. Green--Communications
Hanna Benti--Food/Beverages
Catherine Howard--Law/Legal Services
Emily J. Osborne--Non-Profit/Community
Chauweda E. Smith--Mental Health Care
Jocelyn L. Johnson--Cleaning Service
Kimberly V. Lewis--Apparel/Fashion
Acacia Dietz--Non-Profit/Community
Patty M. Breeze--Insurance
Vera M. Johnson--Notary Public
Traci Jackson--Beauty/Cosmetics
Yvonne Pierce--Healthcare
Shamira N. Spruill--Insurance
Raashida Shelton--Real Estate
Catrina R. Rivera--Financial Services
Jaime Napolitano--Veterinary
Kimberly Chin--Food/Beverages
Teresa Stephenson--Real Estate
Jennifer Lynn Woods Peterka--Sales
Amanda Baltz-Gainan--Non-Profit/Boys & Girls Club
Diane M. Stalker--Photography
Cynthia J. Leonard--Cleaning Service
Heike M. Vogel--Law/Legal Services
Signe Griffin--Real Estate
Janetta A. Thomas-Inniss--Healthcare
Sue Slater--Travel
SueAnn Squire--Publishing
Angela M. Maxwell--Animal Care
Shandell M. Warren--Massage Therapy
Jessica Strawser--Social Services
Jennifer Melicia--Personal Services
Debbie Faragoza--Animal Care
Jeanette Caballero--Beauty/Cosmetics
Liz Fernwalt--Insurance
Christy L. Adams--Non-Profit/Breast Cancer
Josie M. Val--Consulting
Lisaleigh Sniffen--Beauty/Cosmetics
Christabel Bishop--Beauty/Cosmetics
Patricia A. Alford--Transportation
Karen A. Watson Williams--Healthcare
Cinnamon King--Beauty/Cosmetics
Takilia S. Banks--Healthcare
Leshell Dennis--Non-Profit/Woman Empowerment
Janet Riley-Wright--Human Services
Monica Labeaud--Apparel/Fashion
Mary L. Garbs--Healthcare
Annie Glenister--Law/Legal Services
Kerri L. Pippen--Coaching
Ire L. Evans--Food/Beverages
Linda A. Willis--Nutrition/Wellness
Crista Lynn Fernandez--Photography
Leanita J. Rivera--Media
Eleanor Maria Goodman--Education
Tawanna Johnson--Government
Cher M. Bourque--Publishing
Mildred L. Huckleberry--Religion
Kathleen McSherry--Art
Tricia A. Myers-Hopson--Education
Debra L. Priest--Contracting
Bernetta L. Simmons--Food/Beverages
Cyndy L. Brown--Transportation
Maxine Oliver-Benson--Real Estate
Sandy C. Smith--Non-Profit/Equine Therapy
Kathleen S. Lang--Healthcare
Lovonnya L. Hedgepeth--Music
Justina P. Plowden--Non-Profit/Spinal Cord Injuries
Che D. Williamson--Law/Legal Services
Susan A. Medina--Beauty/Cosmetics
LaQuisha Jackson--Coaching
Holly S. Underwood--Retail Industry
Kyndra Lewis--Coaching
Ruth Mills--Retail Industry
Belinda M. Preston-Cash--Coaching
Nicole Marie Rose--Event Services
Wanda Diane Grondin--Education
Janet M. Burke--Information Technology/IT
Nicole Mahoe--Retail Industry
Loretta F. Hives-Moody--Religion
Simene' Nikio Walden--Education
Christa May Lajoyce Davis--Home Healthcare
Tiffany S. Northern--Healthcare
Shyma A. Andrews--Healthcare
Krista Lynn Dickman--Real Estate
Amarilys Velez--Education
Arlene Strugar--Research & Development
LaDenta Martin Wright--Non-Profit/Youth
Crystal A. Casteneda--Crafting
Mary Virginia Boyd--Medical Equipment
Cynthia S. Cadorette--Beauty/Cosmetics
Sofia Solis--Immigration
Sylvia Flores--Insurance
Terrie A. Dusek--Medical Equipment
Dawn Desiree Brown--Home Healthcare
Doreen M. Guarneri--Beauty/Cosmetics
Karrla A. Smith--Financial Services
Martha Washington--Retail Industry
Wanda Kelley--Government
Tamia Anderson--Massage Therapy
Heather McQueen--Nutrition/Wellness
Rebecca L. Racine--Healthcare
Kathleen M. Csillag--Healthcare
Emily A. DeMarco--Healthcare
Debra J. Cunningham--Photography
Sabrina L. Tate--Event Services
Amy M. Ardruino--Healthcare
Bonnie Curlee Dawson--Crafting
Porsha LaShae Robertson--Entertainment
Prophetess Lila R. Jackson--Non-Profit/Ministry
Yvonne Ezell--Hospitality
Gabrielle Tomeo--Financial Services
Sabrina Bell--Education
Marilyn D. Herfurth--Education
Elizabeth Johnsen--Beauty/Cosmetics
Ashley N. Jackson--Consulting

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