Raman Kuppuswamy, a Content Creator Who is a Regular Blogger, Announces His New Post on His Blog "Cordially Yours"

Raman Kuppuswamy, a content creator and avid blogger, announces that he has come out with a new post on his blog "Cordially Yours." He says that the post is entitled "Why do You Face Criticism? What Should You do about It?" In the post, Raman asks "Do you think others are right in criticizing you Churlishly?" He adds that there is one strong factor that induces people to criticize. Apart from throwing light on this factor, Raman Kuppuswamy suggests some ideas for handling criticisms.

Chennai, India, May 16, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Raman Kuppuswamy, an avid blogger, says he has written a new post entitled "Why do You Face Criticism? What Should You Do about It?" The blogger says that though there can be several reasons for criticisms, there is one factor that "triggers a criticizing attitude in people." Apart from naming the factor, Raman gives a few suggestions for handling criticisms, especially, the unjust ones. He advises people not "to get even" with those who criticize them. He reiterates his point by saying "You cannot satisfy everyone." So, he strongly advocates ignoring such unjust criticisms. He says "Do your best and ignore them." By adopting such an approach, "you will always be happy and have peace of mind."
Cordially Yours
Raman Kuppuswamy