CivSense Proposes Solution for 3 Million Lacking IDs, Potentially Missing Jabs in Pakistan

Dr Mahwish Sohail Urges Over-30s to Get Vaccinated, Praises Government Measures

Islamabad, Pakistan, May 27, 2021 --( CivSense, a civic sense awareness initiative, has urged over-30 Pakistani citizens to get themselves registered for the vaccination against COVID-19.

Speaking to the media in Islamabad today, the Co-Founder of CivSense Dr. Mahwish Sohail strongly stressed the need for a wider campaign to spread vaccine awareness.

Vaccine Stats

Quoting the stats, Dr. Mahwish further said, "So far nearly 6 million doses have been administrated, per numbers provided by National Command and Operation Center (NCOC). It is an encouraging number but now we have a long way to go."

"The good news is that another 2 Million doses of Sinovac vaccine have arrived in Pakistan. But it is even better we have begun locally producing the anti-coronavirus vaccine in the country. We should ramp up the drive by ensuring the people are registering themselves throughout the country," Dr. Mahwish said.

Lockdown relaxation

While replying to a question, the CivSense head said, "As the government relaxes COVID-related restrictions on commercial activities, schools, and workplaces, citizens should follow the prescribed SOPs, wear masks and maintain social distancing.

"However, the government should closely monitor the situation and take the necessary action as and when required."

Solution for 3 Million lacking IDs

In an answer to another question, Dr. Mahwish expressed serious concern on reports that 3 million people in Pakistan without IDs may miss out on COVID-19 jabs. "This is a massive challenge for the government and needs to be addressed at the earliest. We should come up with a solution to facilitate people lacking IDs as this poses a threat not just to the individuals but also to their families."

While discussing the possible solutions for resident-sans-ID, Dr. Mahwish said, "CivSense is producing a series of web-shorts, Ehtiyaat Kero-Na (translates to Take Care) to encourage people who have means to get themselves registered with the official citizens' database, NADRA."

"However, CivSense has also initiated a proposal for a temporary ID document exclusively for vaccination could also incentivize people to come forward. We are ready to assist both government and people to work out a mutually agreed, sustainable solution," Dr. Mahwish said.

In the end, Dr. Mahwish Sohail emphasized Pakistani adults to register themselves by sending their Computerized ID Card Number to 1166 or visit

About CivSense

CivSense is derived from the term Civic Sense. This is a private initiative to (a) research and propose a Civic Sense course from schools as part of personality development (b) educate the common masses to respect the law, undertake civic responsibilities, and awareness of rights for the citizens of Pakistan. For more info, visit
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