Acquired Insights Inc. Collaborates with Human Investment Advisory, Inc. to Deliver the West Trax KPI Analyzer in the SAP® Ecosystem

With automation and Results2Advice, time to value for customers is 1 day, down from the regular 9-12 months or more, providing disruptive impact to customers.

Toronto, Canada, May 27, 2021 --( Acquired Insights Inc. has signed an agent agreement with Human Investment Advisory, Inc. (HIA) to sell and deliver an automated SAP® App by West Trax that measures the “As-Is” Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding the actual use of SAP® systems by end users, including vulnerabilities existing in the operation, custom code, and business processes transactions.

With a combination of automation and Results2Advice, the App delivers an up-to-date comparison with Benchmark data built on more than 1,800 West Trax automated assessments in 15 industries for SAP® customers. Based on the App’s results, time to value for customers is 1 day, down from the regular 9-12 months or more of typical migration services that rely on workshops with disruptive impacts to their organization. Customers will be given clear recommendations of actions to be taken to achieve future readiness. These future projects can be carried out with a reliable Business Case based on facts delivered in the app’s Results2Advice output and provide ongoing visibility with a 12-month license.

Acquired Insights Inc.’s CEO, Gary Melling stated, “We are excited to share with our customers the ability to save 99% in time to value and >70% of costs reduction with the ability to run automated assessments via the measurement of specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding SAP® system usage in just 1 day; this successfully sets up our clients for focused business and technical transformations that produce real, measurable, and sustainable results.”

HIA’s CEO, Jim Villwock agreed, “We’re happy to work with Acquired Insights to bring this incredible value to North American customers who want to either maximize their existing ERP performance or to accelerate their digital transformation while reducing industry disruption risk, improving competitiveness, and lowering total cost.”

Diana Bohr, CTO at West Trax, said, “IT decision-makers lack facts about the health and usage of their SAP® systems. Our goal is transparency for each client’s S/4HANA journey, leveraging efficient migrations and industry cloud integrations.”

West Trax Partner and Publisher at BTT, Rick Felt affirmed, “You can’t get this intelligence anywhere else. BTT is thrilled to confirm Human Investment Advisory’s appointment of Acquired Insights to the team. West Trax KPI benchmarks are highest quality independent data with the SAP® system maturity model. Decisionmakers who run on SAP® systems can use our dashboard “As Is” simulator to help mitigate assessment risks and compare assessment results with measured industry best practices.”

About Acquired Insights Inc.
Acquired Insights Inc. (AI Inc),, is a Business and Technology Advisory firm. We assist clients put a fine point on their strategic and operational priorities and then design, develop, implement, and support solutions driven by mission. We work cross-industry in securing: SAP® S4/HANA As-Is assessments, migration, and integration; Supply Chain operations through automated Vendor Verification; we also excel in applied Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Cyber Security, Big Data and Cloud, Advanced Analytics, and ML Ops, resulting in immediate, measurable, and scalable value for our clients through better, real-time business decision support.

About Human Investment Advisory (HIA)
Human Investment Advisory, Inc.,, is the West Trax Master Sales Agent for North America and also provides game changing business models by focusing on closing the strategic gaps between the CEO/Board and their people, facilitating and advising on strategic leadership strategies such as the Total Business Value ROI ModelÔ, and creating new business paradigms to create a competitive advantage.

About West Trax
West Trax GmbH & Co. KG,, is an international independent analyst specializing in the objective of SAP® system usage. Reliable facts are established as a secure basis for successful project planning and implementation by combining an automated and structured analysis of systems with the client company's specific goals. They identify optimization potential and attach monetary value. West Trax analyses provide SAP® customers and service vendors with essential facts and information to support successful outcomes for all SAP® related projects.

About Business Transformation Today (BTT)
Business Transformation Today,, helps customers accelerate competitive advantage running on the SAP® Digital Business Framework. BTT is West Trax operations partner in N. America. Today, BTT intelligence for management decisions includes a customized business challenges benchmark dashboard for SAP® SuccessFactors/CRM value realization.

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