According to a New Book from The Oaklea Press, Thomas Jefferson Isn’t Happy with Today's Government in America

Currently ranked the “Number One New Release in Two-hour Politics & Social Studies Short Reads” by Amazon, a new book from The Oaklea Press asks, “If you could talk with Thomas Jefferson, what would you want to know?” The author asked herself that question and consulted a noted medium. Answers came through about government, foreign policy, higher education, military, religion, race relations, Sally Hemings, and “song and dance man” Alexander Hamilton.

Richmond, VA, June 01, 2021 --( Just published by The Oaklea Press Inc., and now available on Amazon, a new book entitled, “The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson: A Medium Channels The Founding Father” is based on information reportedly channeled by a medium. According to the book, Jefferson states that today’s American government has lost its footing and is in need of a new revolution - not of war, but of integrity.

Stephen Hawley Martin, Publisher of The Oaklea Press, said, “Double-blind research has been conducted verifying that some mediums can do what they say they can do, so who am I - who is anyone - to say this isn’t possible? For example, a peer-reviewed paper by Julie Beischel, Ph.D., published in “The Journal of Parapsychology,” concluded that 'the information reported by these mediums cannot be explained as [being the] result of fraud.'”

According to Jeffrey Long, M.D., author of the New York Times bestseller, “Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences,” “Future leaders of America need to read this book. The wisdom it contains could help steer this country in the right direction for generations. This is a remarkable, exceptionally well-written work, with the ring of reality. If readers cannot accept the premise of mediumship, they will still find the book thought-provoking and important.”

The readings with an entity presenting as Thomas Jefferson were facilitated by medium Jana Anna, whose work is the subject of an acclaimed book, “Conversations with Jerry,” winner of four national awards and the International Book Award. Recordings over eight, one-hour sessions were transcribed by Suzanne Harman Munson, author of the Founding Father George Wythe biography, “Jefferson’s Godfather," and a lecturer at the college level on the Jefferson-Wythe legacy.

Munson said, “There are only three ways of looking at this book: First, I wrote it; second, the medium made it up; or third, we are indeed hearing from the spirit of Jefferson. It is clear from eight hours of recorded sessions that I was the scribe, not the writer, asking questions and taking notes. Second, the medium Jana Anna majored in elementary education, dislikes the subject of history, and was given absolutely no information in advance of our sessions. Some of the concepts that she was attempting to translate from the Jefferson entity surprised both of us. Neither of us could possibly have conceived of the unusual insights that came through in each reading. Readers may choose to believe what they wish about the origins of the book, but nevertheless, they will find this a fascinating journey.”

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