KFC from Yum Brands Selected ImpactQA as a Strategic Quality Engineering Partner

The Second Largest Food Chain Company Relied on ImpactQA for Their Web & Application Testing Services

New York, NY, May 30, 2021 --(PR.com)-- ImpactQA, an independent software testing leader got associated as a strategic Quality Engineering partner for Yum Brands, KFC, the second largest food chain company across the world and helped them transform their web and mobile app user journey.

ImpactQA was brought on board for the project with KFC in 2018. This business with ImpactQA has helped KFC in automating the entire regression suite by improving app performance and scale up the revenue by 10x. From handling the user navigation, order management to finally performing the cross-browser testing, their dedicated team of QA Experts had made sure that their web application is compatible on all networks, browsers, devices and OS.

Speaking about the strategic partnership, JP Bhatt, CEO at ImpactQA, said, “It has always been exciting to have a business partnership with the leading food chain company. In this world of touchless technology, automation will disrupt the entire food chain value and mobile digitalization is going to have a great influence on the connected food supply chain market. Hence, it is pivotal to ensure the bug-free mobile application in order to enhance the user experience.”

Their client, Vipin Gupta, Digital Technology Head, said the following, "ImpactQA has a committed team of QA testers. They are quite professional in their work. We had a large project which they delivered as promised. Everyone from front-end, back-end, QA did a good job taking our project to the finish line. The team’s capability to cater minute technicalities is highly commendable."

ImpactQA has enabled 250+ clients from SMEs and Fortune 500 companies varied from healthcare, eLearning, Government, BFSI, Insurance, Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing industry and helped them in their software and quality assurance transformation journey from the past 10 years.

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