Kermit Highfield Louisville Suggested Usage of Palm Oil for Popcorn

Kermit Highfield in Louisville, KY, USA, who is vice president for business development of Consumer Products Corporation, says that the company had been importing and distributing olive oil from Spain, Italy and Turkey for years. Their clients are food service companies, restaurants and various foodstuff manufacturers. While Consumer Products offered a line of sauces and barbeque items, the proliferation of olive oil in the marketplace was keeping pace with sales growth.

Louisville, KY, June 03, 2021 --( The Food Industry has recently seen a shifting trend towards using palm oil for cooking. Kermit Highfield, Vice-President for business development of Consumer Products Corporation, Louisville, KY, USA, believes that this change is a consequence of consumers trying to discard the use of partially hydrogenated oils. Palm oil is a great substitute for cooking all kinds of food products including popcorn.

Some studies have suggested that palm oil can be used to lower cholesterol which is good news for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It is also a rich source of Vitamin E which has antioxidant properties. Researchers have found a positive association between the use of palm oil and increase in brain function. It is also reported to enhance the production of Vitamin A in the body.

Palm Oil for Popcorn
Coconut oil is the most popular choice for making popcorn. It is high in calories and good fats, but it can also be sold in fully hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated form. There is a rising concern among consumers regarding the health risks associated with trans fat present in partially hydrogenated oils. The consumers like the earthy flavor of palm oil which makes it a suitable choice for popcorn. It is also not too expensive, so it provides an economical raw material.

Kermit Highfield Louisville KY informed that palm oil is a good fit for making popcorn at small or large scale. With its established health benefits, it is also easily available in the US market.
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